Sunday, 26 July 2009

Crafty Cupboard!!!!

Finally, I will have a proper crafty cupboard.
I found it in my fav CS on Monday when I dropped of a box for them.
It was expensive for what it is, and I have probably paid over the odds for it but I had to have it!! We picked it up, Lucky it fitted in Gav's car. He wasn't too sure to begin with as to be honest it does need a lot of work, and was filthy.
I washed it down and disinfected it as it looked like it was used in a shed or garage.
But once cleaned it didn't look as bad, it will still need to be completely sanded down, re painted and new glass put in one of the cupboard doors as they don't match at the moment.
It has a fold down hatch with a cold shelf in it, which I think my sewing machine will fit in perfectly.
It also needs some wood work which Gav isn't too sure about but I'm sure he can fix it.

We have had to put it in the spare room where it will live once restored as it looked a little odd in the middle of the lounge.
I looked it up on the Internet and it looks like it was a 1930's kitchen unit similar to a Hoosier cupboard, but who knows!
I also found a real bargain in TXMaxx, I said in an earlier post that my new motto would be Keep Calm and Carry On, and that I wanted the red poster for the kitchen. Well what was staring me in the face as I walked into the home wear department the blue version framed and ready to go at a bargain price of £14.99, the poster alone online is £10 and P&P is £5 so I got the frame as a bonus.
I will be with my family this week for the funeral of Nanna, so I have been looking for a Rhubarb Jam recipe as my dad loves it. It is quite difficult to find in the supermarkets unless you want to buy Bonnee Mamane, which yes I know is lovely but if I can make it myself with rhubarb from the garden it's then a special gift for him.
I found the recipe on the Guardian's website and gave it a go.
450g rhubarb, 450g sugar & 1 lemon rind grated.
Cut the rhubarb into 1inch cubes and put into a heavy based saucepan, pour the sugar over the top and slowly heat until the sugar is dissolved and the rhubarb is soft, add the grated lemon rind. Bring to the boil for 10min's and then pot up in sterilised jars.
It only made 3 jars but now I know it works I will make more.
Well, busy one all round again and an other busy week, might not post again this week but will wait and see how we go.
Don't forget to enter my Giveaway, you still have over a week.

More goodies will hopefully be added from my fav fabric/haberdashery shop at Mum & Dad's.

Have a good one Sophie xxxx


Mrs D's Recipes For Life said...

Hi Sophie,
I love the cupboard it looks perfect for the job, I'm sure Gav can fix it!!!
Your Dad will love the jam, I might try that recipe for my Dad as he loves rhubarb too!
Lots of love

Kelly xxxx

claire said...

The cupboard is lovely :)
I used a Cath Kidston paint on the little sewing cabinet in the end but I have used F&B too.
You won't be disappointed with the colours - they come out pretty much as they are on the chart. I have used the emulsion quite a lot, I then wax over the top (clear wax), but I have done 1 shelf unit and a little table in eggshell, it was oil based so lovely as it was to use the cleaning of brushes etc and the having to be careful did my head in!!!
My all time fave to use on projects is Laura Ashley water based eggshell, goes on as easy as emulsion but no having to wax after!!!
Hope this helps x

Caroline B said...

I remember one of those cupboards in our kitchen when I was a child (now that's 40-odd years ago). Ours was yellow. Nice find - I'll be interested to see how it turns out!

Pomona said...

That is a fantastic cupboard, and a real find! The new F&B estate eggshell is water-based, so is really nice to use - I have just painted some bedroom cupboards in Borrowed Light - no nasty smells and hard-wearing, too. And the colour is as beautiful as the name!

Pomona x

What makes you happy? said...

Fab cupboard, I'm jealous.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hi Sophie

Great CS find that cupboard will look great when you have prettied it up!

Glad you got your giveaway goodies. The bunting looks great in your kitchen. (was a bit worried it might of been too big)

Good luck this week with everything.


Florence and Mary said...

I just love those cupboards - what a find.

I hope the funeral goes well. My family have my aunts on Wednesday.

Victoria xx

What makes you happy? said...

Hello again I just had to pop back to thank you for the welcome to blogging comment.

sharie said...

WOW!!! Great cupboard. I'd love one but have nowhere to put it.
I'm sulking now.

One Ford Road said...

Beautiful cupboard!

<3 Lindsay

One Flew Over said...

Hi Sophie, You have won the PINK GIVEAWAY! Can you please email me your address? Thanks x Kate


What a great find!
We enjoy the summer tarty rhubarb as well...YUM*


Sew Create It - Jane said...

What a great find. It's not easy finding that perfect piece of furniture so when you do it's hard to resist. Can't wait to see how you spruce it up :o)

Rubyred said...

Hello Sophie, love your cupboard, what a great find!
Rachel x

Duchess of Tea said...

The cabinet is fantastic, as for the funeral, I am sorry again for your loss. Take care of your family.

Duchess xx

Susannah said...

I absolutely love your cupboard! Great find.

Floss said...

Hi there - that cupboard is going to be great! My parents have its baby brother (or whatever) in their scullery - I would really like to nab it off them, but there's the little problem of living in different countries...

JuliaB said...

I think it's high time that I found one of those cupboards for myself!!! It's lovely!! x