Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Pond Life............

So Gav (my partner) decided that our current pond wasn't big enough! So we were to plan and build a new one, fill in the old one and turn it into a fire pit for those balmy summer evenings sitting round a camp fire.
14 days later we had a new pond complete with fish, frogs, newts and plants.

Gav started by creating a shape with spray paint, in the new location.
Then he dug it out giving it 3 steps down to the bottom

around the back and a slope at the front to ensure that the wild life can get in and out of the pond.

Next we lined the pond with pond liner underlay, to make sure the pond liner was not on the bare ground so that no sharp stones cut
the actual liner.
We laid the liner and started to fill the pond, we used half rain water from the water buts and half from the hose.
We had to leave the water to settle for a week before we transferred the fish from the old pond. Gav also added cobbles to the slope.
One week later it was mission move the fish, frogs, newts and tadpoles to there new home!!
It was a messy job but we got it done. We then had to go shopping!! for pond plants that is!!!
So we planted and out in a waterfall and now we have a beautiful finished pond.