Monday, 9 March 2009

Green Fingers Hopefully!!!

We moved house 16 months ago, and inherited a beautiful garden with a secret vegetable garden hidden at the back. Our first spring/summer in the house we planted a few veggies with a bit of a trial & error ethos. We had quite a good crop, and learnt a few lessons along the way
So this year we decided to do it properly and re vamped the veggie plot. We have put in raised beds, paved in between each bed, re felted the shed roof, build a log store and re located our herb garden. I have gone a bit mad on the planting and planted 2 types of potato, parsnips, peas, french beans, rhubarb, courgettes, radishes, leeks, beetroot, 2 types of cabbage, 2 types of lettuce, onions and more sure I'm going to be giving it away!!!
Anyway thought I would put a photos of the transformation on here.