Saturday, 28 August 2010

A wish for a Mixer!!!

As you may have seen in my post below I have fallen in love with a Mixer!!!
Don't worry Gav you still come first, but I am becoming slightly obsessed with the thought of a lovely new food mixer.
Now my ideal would be this

But sadly unless I win the lottery tonight I think it is a little out of my price range.
I also like the Kenwood mixers so maybe this one will be a little more realistic.

Not as retro looking but still a lovely mixer.

At the recent Vintage Festival, Kenwood had a pop up shop.
Late in the day on Saturday I popped along and bought 2 teatowls with vintage poster prints of mixers on them. They were being sold out of the back of the vintage kenwood van, which made it all the more special.
The girls also gave me some kenwood post cards which will look fab framed and hung in the kitchen.

I am currently watching a 1940's Kenwood chef on Ebay which is nearby but needs a little TLC.
Hopefully it will be affordable and may just become mine. 
Wish me luck.

So tell me about your preference kitchenaid or kenwood???

Have a lovely weekend 

Friday, 27 August 2010

Finally My Vintage Experience At Goodwood

I know it has been a few weeks since Vintage at Goodwood and my last post, so I apologise for my tardiness.
My experience of Vintage started 2 days before the festival opened, with the building of  The Body Shop!
Lucy and I spend 2 days visual merchandising the shop, driving a huge lorry (which was a nightmare) and generally making sure that the shop looked amazing. I also spent all day on the Saturday of the festival doing make overs in the shop, the 60's black eyeliner & bright red lips was the most popular look as you can guess. I didn't get much time to look around the festival but did pop in to CK and John Lewis. 
So brace yourself for a photo heavy post!!!
Hope you enjoy the festival......

Our Shop

John Lewis Directly opposite our shop
(this is pre opening)

Inside JL on Saturday, wish I had had time to join a class!!

JL beautiful Lampshades over the workroom table

Dr Martins

Fab Cocktail Bar

The Kenwood Shop - I soo want a Kenwood Mixer!!

I wish I had had time to go back to school

Fancy a Fashion Show!!

Finally, I did get 5 minutes to have a go in this Sinclair C5

So that is my Vintage at Goodwood Experience, a great event with wonderful shops, music with the best Vintage feel.
Hopefully next year they will do it again and I will get to enjoy the full experience.
Have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Vintage at Goodwood

I'm off to Vintage at Goodwood this week with work, to set up our shop on the High Street.

I got given my green access all areas wrist band today which as of Wednesday I will need to keep on my wrist until my shift is over on Saturday.
I hope it's going to be an amazing experience and that everyone will have a great time.
If I'm luck hopefully I will get to have a look around the festival as well as working!
So if your coming to Vintage, I will be in The Body Shop on the High Street on Saturday.

Pop along and say hello, it would be lovely to meet some more bloggers in person.
Have a great week.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Writers Block.............

Sorry I've been away soo long.
One day rolls into another and blogging has gone by the by.
Then I don't know what to write about..............
So here I go
 I have a couple of long overdue thank yous,
Firstly for my wonderful  Strawberry Swap all the way from the Netherlands, from the lovely Margriet.
She sent me such a beautiful parcel of goodies.

Thank You Margriet I love it all & sorry it has taken me soo long to post about it xxx
If you want to see what I sent Margriet pop over and see her here.

Secondly I have to thank Shara who was my partner for the Vintage Vacation Swap.
She sent me a trip across America parcel with trinkets and memorabilia from all over the US.

It was great fun opening it, red white & blue everywhere.
Thank you Shara it was a fab swap, if you want to see what I sent Shara pop over and see her here.

So hopefully this has got me back to blogging, I suppose I had a bit of a writers block.
Normally words come easily but I think I have been a bit stuck of late, perhaps it's the lack of chocolate!!
The diet is going well so far, I have lost 10.5lbs, in 4 weeks so lets hope I can keep it up.
I have ridden my new bike to the CS, I was a bit wobbly as I haven't ridden a bike in 15 years.
I still need to get a basket or panniers, bike bell & pad lock but I am trying to keep the cost down and be thrifty about it.
Well that's me for now, I'm off to visit you all now.
Have a lovely week.