Sunday, 30 January 2011

Where did the weekend go?

Gosh, well that was a quick weekend!
Where do they go? Can you beleive we are in February on Tuesday.
I'm sure time gets faster the older you get!
Well anway lots to tell you, a Jam packed weekend in the Chez Sophie Household.
Saturday morning I was up with the lark to go and pick up this little baby from a lovely freecycler.

I have been after a little chesterfield style sofa for ages, I have been scouring ebay, the Friday ad & freecycle in the hope that someone had one at a reasonable price that they no longer wanted.
And then on Thursday a message popped into my inbox offering a small chesterfield sofa in need of some TLC for Free!
Well needles to say it is now mine, it does need some upholstery TLC but it is sound otherwise.
I have an upholstery lady coming round on Wednesday to see it and the wing backed chair we were given to give us a quote.
Hopefully it wont be too expensive!!!!
Then it will be beautiful.
I then went to work at the CS, where I got these beauties.

I have become quite taken with tea sets and these little odd cups and saucers are so pretty.

I made some Tea Cup candles for Christmas presents so I think I will be making more as they went down really well.
I also found this little perfume bottle which originally would have had a puff on it, but no matter it is cute without and will look lovely on the mantle in the spare room.

I also gathered together some pretty vintage linen which I will make into some little gifts for the birthday swap. Which may I say is going really well and is great fun, Thanks Laa Laa.

And lastly these little broaches had to come home with me as they sparkled soo nicely.

Last night we went out for Gav's work Christmas party bowling.
We attempted to go out for an early dinner at Pizza Express only to be turned away as they were full, as were Ask and all the other decent restaurants in town.
We ended up having a McDonalds!!!!
We were running out of time before the bowling started and needed food so needs must!
Not quite the romantic dinner a deux I had thought but better to have eaten than to have had a grumbling tummy all night.
So today has been a regular Sunday, Food Shop, House Work & Laundry.
I'm now sat in front of the fire relaxing, ready for the new week ahead.
Have a lovely week.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Rain & Prettiness.............

When I woke up this morning it was raining, not the winter rain we have had but bright rain.
Almost like April Shower type rain,big fat clear drops of rain.
So bright that when I left our drive a rainbow was waiting for me in the sky.
But let me show you what brightened my day before the rainbow brightened my day.

 On my kitchen windowsill I have a few little pretties.
Some lovely pink tulips.

Randomly uploaded upside down!

A gorgeous smelling Basil plant.
Some Hyacinths waiting to grow & some crocuses which were a Christmas present.

Another a random upload ......

I am also loving my new tea spoons which I got in the CS on Saturday.
I think they will be perfect for sorbet on a Hot Summers day......
Ohhh, when will the sun start shining.....
So after the Monday I have had!!! these little pretties really did help to brighten my morning.
I hope you all had a happy Monday?

Friday, 21 January 2011

Making ...................

Well it is finally Thursday and the weekend is upon us Yippppppppppppeeeeeeee.
I thought I would show you some of the Christmas presents I made for friends at work.
My lovely friend H who I sit next to at work mentioned that she wished that she could find a mini hot water bottle one day, well that set me thinking.
The mission was set, find a mini hot water bottle and make a cover for it for her for Christmas & by chance I found a whole load whilst shopping in town one day.

So  I made her this for Christmas.

I made it out of an old jumper which I blanket stitched together and stitched a felt heart on the front.
She loves it, which is great. I like to give useful and needed presents.

I then had the bug and decided to make one for another friend at work out of an old shirt I had found in the CS, which was too pretty a fabric to throw away.

I washed it up and made her this.

She loved hers too, which got me thinking......
So as I said in my last post, I am thinking of selling on Etsy.
I came home tonight and had itchy fingers so made this.

I had some little Made by Chez Sophie labels made and I have set up my account, so all I have to do is make more pretties to sell.
I hope you have a fun Friday, I 'm off to work, then out to dinner with a friend and then it's the weekend!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Belated Happy New Year

Ok time for an update
Grab a coffe you might be here a while!

Firstly Laptop is fixed and back up and running, yipppeeeeeeeeeeee.
We had a lovely new year's eve, I cooked a Thai feast and we partied all night to Band Hero's on the Play Station fueled by raspberry mojitoes.
Back to work, busy busy busy............
I have just got back from my parents where I have spent a lovely couple days & been thoroughly spoilt.
Mum, Auntie Sue & I shopped till we dropped, we got some great end of Jan sale bargains and also had a yummy lunch out at Arlingtons, it is an old ballroom and a beautiful setting for ladies that lunch!  
We also went out for dinner that night with Dad to my favourite restaurant in Felixstowe Cafe Bencotto, great mix of Mediterranean food. ( Slimming world sort of went out of the window for a couple of days due to Dads great cooking as well as the eating out)
It was my Mum and Dads 33 year wedding anniversary yesterday, It was nice that I could spend it with them. I visited my Grandad in his new home, he has recently gone into a nursing home, it's strange to see him without Grandma. He seemed a lot older, the home was lovely and I know that the nursing staff are lovely and look after him very well. We talked about my garden and what I should plant in the veg patch this year.
Today I drove home and then went to work in the charity shop. 
I have been doing a bit of making in my spare time and my craft room is looking a bit tidier as Gav put some much needed shelves up for me. I made a lot of Christmas presents this year. I might open an Etsy Shop as I have really neglected my little blog shop.
What do you think of Etsy?
I have ordered some lovely things off it and I do like to support the crafting community.
So sorry no pictures, it's been a bit gray and rainy for photo taking.
I hope you all had fab new years and that special things happen for you all this year.