Sunday, 27 June 2010

Weekend Update

Just a quick hello before the football takes over Chez Sophie & Gav's mates turn up for a BBQ & the footie.
We've had a lovely weekend, we started it with a well deserved Curry on Friday night after a very full week.
On Saturday morning we were up early (due to the heat) which was good as it meant we were out of the house and off to the salvage yard for a nosey round.
It was really rammed with stuff, which is great to know for when we need something for the garden or house. We didn't buy anything, save some pennies up me thinks for the next visit!!
Then we went off to a new shop that has opened in Chichester called Home Sense which is a TKMAXX home store, I was in heaven!
There was soo many beautiful, wonderful lovely things in there.
We did come home with a few things, purely useful you understand!!!
We got some new bedlinen, bargain at £16.99  from a Linder Barker range, it's white with a massive green flower on it.
I got some jam & preserves labels £1.99 a pack, Gav got some big boy! steak knives.
We fell in love with this kitch napkin dispenser £2.99 great for bbq's unfortunately we are still trying to source the napkins that go in it, think I might have to chat up someone who has a cash & carry card as I think they are more of a coffee shop thing.

We found these 2 books Wild Food £4.99 for Gav & The Thrift Book £3.99 for me, I have already started reading it and I had to finally put it down late last night. Definatly worth a read if you can get a copy.

So shopping aside, I decided as the weather is so good that I would strip down 2 old deck chairs that I acquired, One has a canopee over the top which is nice the other is really old and has little latches to lik it into place.
 I just need to sand them & teak oil or white wash them, not sure which yet.
What do you think? 

I have measured them up for the fabric seats so might get them done this week in the evenings.
We then gardened until 9pm, filled the car to take to the tip.
So this morning we were up early again and off to the tip, which is always an achievement on a Sunday.
We had to get rid of a bucket of rubble and when we pulled up at the rubble bay I spotted something sticking out of the pile, so I was straight out of the car to see if it was what I thought!
And it was a lovely little Belfast sink, we have 2 large ones already which our neighbours have been admiring lately. So I asked the man and he said I could have it, so with that it was into the car & home.
We gave our lovely neighbours their little sink which they were really chuffed with.
That's my thrifting done for the day.
So Footie kicks off soon so I must go and be the hostess!!
Have a great day & Come On ENGLAND.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Silly Summer Cold

Hello All
Gosh sorry I've been away again, I've had one of those silly summer colds.
It completely wiped me out, I haven't felt that rubbish in ages.
But back to work today and I'm feeling a lot better.
Not much happening here at Chez Sophie due to the silly cold, but I did hear from my Fairytale swap partner in Australia today to say she had received her parcel. Not bad going really as I only posted it last Friday.
Royal mail really did do a good job this time, I forgot to take photo's, Sorry. But I will tell you what I sent Michelle.  
Michelle chose the Fairytale Sleeping Beauty, So I made her an eye mask & PJ Bag.
I sent her a book of spells, some slipper pumps, some pretty socks, pink beaded bracelet, sweets, pretty lace pieces for Michelle's craft projects & a fairy making book,
I'm a little late with my other swaps due to my silly summer cold, Boudoir Swap & Strawberry Swap nearly done and Vintage Vacation is a work in progress. 
I have decided not to do a shift at the CS this Saturday as I think I need a rest this weekend so Gav and I are going to spend the day together and hopefully we are going to visit a reclamations yard and go fruit picking at the farm then BBQ & a jug of Pimms me thinks. (fingers crossed the sun keeps shining)
So I am off now to visit you all as I have missed you.
Have a great rest of the week.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

So what type of water feature did Gav build??

Well the week is flying by and I'm trying to stay with it and not fall behind!
I really don't know where the time goes do you?
I have been wanting to share this with you since the weekend but just haven't gotten round to it.
So do you remember when I was slightly worried here that Gav might incorporate a toilet as a  planter or water feature in our newly cleared front garden??
Well I got home from Mum & Dads and there were signs of water feature in progress, dotted around the house, big bucket, pump etc. But thankfully no toilet in sight.
On Saturday off I went to the CS for my normal shift, Gav was going to relax for the afternoon and watch football!!
So how surprised was I when I pulled into the drive to find this out side my front door.

Well it was a lovely surprise, looking pretty and tasteful waiting for me to do some planting.
It makes a lovely bubbling sound, which is great during the day but I am having to ask that it gets turned off at night as it is outside below our bed room window and I have found it makes me need the toilet all night if left on, lol.
Sorry probably a bit to much information.
So new water feature in, now to tackle the rest of the front garden and make it look presentable to the rest of the street.
2 days till the weekend yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Helen's Colourful Crocheted Blankets 1st Giveaway

Hello All
I wanted to let you all know a bout a fabby giveaway my friend Helen @ Helen's Colourful Crocheted Blankets is hosting. It's her first giveaway and she is offering up one of her wonderful crochet cushion covers.

Helen is a wonderful crocheter and makes the most beautiful blankets & cushions to order.
Pop over to Helen's blog and enter her giveaway for a chance to enter.
Have a lovely week

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Goodies Galore

I've had a really weird week, I have been to 2 funerals & had a major product launch at work but I made It thorough and I have also had lot's of lovely goodies come my way too.
Firstly a big thank you Steph from Mon Petie Poppet in Australia who was my Apron Swap partner.
I received this beautiful apron when I returned home from Mum & Dad's which put a big smile on my face.

It is soo beautiful and the hand embroidery is amazing.
I think I will only be wearing it on special occasions as I don't want to get anything down it.
Thank you Steph for a great Swap.
Now whilst at Mum & Dad's I did take a day off from family duties and went to a massive car boot sale in Needham Market with my Auntie Sue.
I got some great bargains, an Emma Bridgewater photo album for £1, an old Enid Blyton book for 50p, a hexagon patchwork cushion kit for £1.
But my bargain of the day was a bolt of Sanderson Rose fabric with 13 ft on it for £2!!!!

Yes £2, it is perfect for my deckchair project and the lady seller was lovely.
I was so chuffed.
We also popped into a couple of charity shops where I bought these wooden coat hangers which I have already started covering for gifts and to sell.

 This fabulously funky 70's curtain great for my fabric stash.

Getting out for the day with my Auntie Sue & cousin Lucy was great, I have such a large family that spending quality time with them all is often difficult.
Finally I wanted to show you my CS find from my shift a couple of weeks ago, you might have spotted it throughout this post??? 

a gorgeous pink eiderdown.
It isn't feather but tereline, I took it round to the in laws and my MIL to laundered it for me.
Thanks Penny, it is lovely and clean now.

It now has a new home on my spare bed in my sewing room.
Pickles has taken a real liking to it and sleeps on it all the time, Treacle doesn't get a look in.
Thanks for all your lovely comments and emails, I'm not sure how I managed it this week but you all helped me through it.
Well the week is over and I'm glad a new week is here, I hope you all have a lovely Sunday.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Great Apron Swap - What I sent to Steph

Well I'm back.
It's been a tricky few days but it all went OK and Grandma would have loved it.
So I am now back to blogging, work, life etc.. etc... etc....
I have had a message from my Apron Swap partner Step over at Mon Petite Poppet to say she has received her apron and she has posted about it here, so I thought I would show you what I made her.

I found this gorgeous fabric in one of my favourite fabric shops in Brighton and had to buy it for the apron.
It has ice cream Sundays all over it, with a red back ground with cherries & white polka dots.
I added a huge pocket to the front and trimmed it with a Daisy trim.
I made a double length waist tie so that it can be tied at the front with a nice bow all in pink gingham.
The back of the apron is also pink gingham.
I had a lot of fun making it.
I'm glad Steph likes it.
I have a few more swaps on the go, The Strawberry Swap, The Fairy Tale Swap, The Boudoir Swap & The Vintage Vacation Swap. So I will be a busy bee for the next few weeks.
Back to work tomorrow.
Have a great rest of the week.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Alternative Flower Beds!!!!

On Saturday Gav took me to a fab garden centre that I hadn't been to before.
It was pouring with big fat rain, so we mostly stayed inside.
As we were on our way to the checkout with our basket of veggie plants we came across these unusual flower/plant arrangements.

A bed covered in plants, it really did look eiderdown like with the plants peaking out of their paper cones.


This arrangement in a toilet was funny, but I am concerned that I will come home to a version of it in my garden next week!!!
Gav took quite a liking to it as he is in the plumbing & heating business and has been talking about putting a water feature in the front garden!!!
So watch this space!!!
I'm off to Mum & Dad's tomorrow, hopefully we will have some beach hut fun as well as Grandma's Funeral.
Thank you to all for the wonderful comments and emails, It has really meant a lot to me.
Your words of support have been wonderful.
Luv & Hugs to all of you.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

And the Simply Chic Winner Is.........................

Well today is the day, who will win the Simply Chic Giveaway???

I have written all your names down on pretty paper, to honor the beautiful stationary theme.
And popped you all in to my glass jelly mould.
Gav has diligently pulled a name out and look who it is.

Yes it's the lovely Pea Green Kitty from Memoirs of a Vintage Magpie who is the winner of this Fabby Caroline Gardner Note Book & Pen.

I would like to thank the wonderful Cathy of Simply Chic for hosting this giveaway with me.
Please pop over to Simply Chic and have a look at all her lovely goodies.
& Don't forget that if you place an order of £10 or more & mention Chez Sophie in your order details you too can get a lovely Caroline Gardner Pen FREE.

Thanks to everyone who entered it has been great fun to see soo many others how have the same Stationary addiction as me.

Thank you also for all the lovely messages about Grandma, it means soo much to me.
Big Hugs to all