Sunday, 27 June 2010

Weekend Update

Just a quick hello before the football takes over Chez Sophie & Gav's mates turn up for a BBQ & the footie.
We've had a lovely weekend, we started it with a well deserved Curry on Friday night after a very full week.
On Saturday morning we were up early (due to the heat) which was good as it meant we were out of the house and off to the salvage yard for a nosey round.
It was really rammed with stuff, which is great to know for when we need something for the garden or house. We didn't buy anything, save some pennies up me thinks for the next visit!!
Then we went off to a new shop that has opened in Chichester called Home Sense which is a TKMAXX home store, I was in heaven!
There was soo many beautiful, wonderful lovely things in there.
We did come home with a few things, purely useful you understand!!!
We got some new bedlinen, bargain at £16.99  from a Linder Barker range, it's white with a massive green flower on it.
I got some jam & preserves labels £1.99 a pack, Gav got some big boy! steak knives.
We fell in love with this kitch napkin dispenser £2.99 great for bbq's unfortunately we are still trying to source the napkins that go in it, think I might have to chat up someone who has a cash & carry card as I think they are more of a coffee shop thing.

We found these 2 books Wild Food £4.99 for Gav & The Thrift Book £3.99 for me, I have already started reading it and I had to finally put it down late last night. Definatly worth a read if you can get a copy.

So shopping aside, I decided as the weather is so good that I would strip down 2 old deck chairs that I acquired, One has a canopee over the top which is nice the other is really old and has little latches to lik it into place.
 I just need to sand them & teak oil or white wash them, not sure which yet.
What do you think? 

I have measured them up for the fabric seats so might get them done this week in the evenings.
We then gardened until 9pm, filled the car to take to the tip.
So this morning we were up early again and off to the tip, which is always an achievement on a Sunday.
We had to get rid of a bucket of rubble and when we pulled up at the rubble bay I spotted something sticking out of the pile, so I was straight out of the car to see if it was what I thought!
And it was a lovely little Belfast sink, we have 2 large ones already which our neighbours have been admiring lately. So I asked the man and he said I could have it, so with that it was into the car & home.
We gave our lovely neighbours their little sink which they were really chuffed with.
That's my thrifting done for the day.
So Footie kicks off soon so I must go and be the hostess!!
Have a great day & Come On ENGLAND.


Justine said...

Sounds like a great store and guess what there's one openeing near me too!! Horray!! Justine xx

KC'sCourt! said...

We go to our tip on a Sunday afternoon! Alas our tip doesn't sell things Somerset Council say it is a Health & Safety issue which is annoying because I have seen good stuff go there but where does it go afterwards? We take ours to a charity shop!
Julie xxxxxx

VintageVicki said...

Sounds like a productive weekend :)

Chairs would look good just oiled I think.

That book is good - I have it :)

Lisa said...

What busy bees you've been.
I think teak oil on the chairs would be good.
Least said about the footie the better!
Lisa x

A Country Girl said...

I vote for oil, too.
I've read about that shop but I dont think there is one near me yet.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

TKMAX - temptation!!! I love it there! xx

bad penny said...

Brilliant to find something to give someone who really wanted it.
Hubby did a tip run with garden waste... as we have a truck with business logo on the side we are limited to an amount per year dumping without paying extra was garden waste !

Love the napkin dispenser

topchelseagirl said...

I love belfast sinks too, what a lucky find. Also love your napkin dispenser, so cute. Won't mention the footie. x

Elizabeths Attic said...

Thank you for your comment about the hand washing - makes sense when you think about it. Would love to find some old deck chairs to re-do but there never seem to be any hanging about. Good luck with yours.
Beverley x

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Oh that little thrift book is great isn't it! Full of lots of ideas, I liked the references to blogs too!

Debbie said...

Hello Sophie!
Thank you so much for following me!
You made my day!
I too would love to find at least one of those vintage chairs!
Can`t wait to see how they will turn out!
I`m sure that you will do a much better job than I would!Lol
Hope you have another busy but very enjoyable weekend, soon!


Duchess of Tea said...

Sophie darling I love you pink kitch napkin dispenser, lovely.