Monday, 29 November 2010

Lovely Yummy Gift Idea's........

I have been surfing the web for Christmas Present Ideas
 & I found some yummy things to share with you.
Oh how I have fallen in love with these fab Snowflake Cookie Cutters
 from Not on the High Street, I think I may have to treat myself.

I also saw this great Gingerbread Making kit on the John Lewis Site,
fab for anyone who loves to bake.

And if like me you are a lover of Cath Kidston & Cupcakes then these will be right up your street.

Had to share these pretties with you.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Home Alone

I am home alone!!!!
I have the TV to myself, well until the boys get back for the football at 4pm.
Gav has gone Christmas Shopping in Chichester for me.............
I have given him a list, and it does involve him going to the new CK in Chichester.

So hopefully I will get some lovely goodies from Santa this year!
So while I have the house to myself I am catching up with some TV.
I haven't been very well this week so an afternoon of catching up on TV will hopefully do me some good.
I have one cat next to me asleep and the other one is in her basket, bliss.
So far I have watched this weeks Desperate House Wives.

Now I'm watching

I think after this I will watch Ugly Betty...

How I love our TV recorder box...
I may do a bit of sewing while I watch.
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, maybe with some Snow!!!
We have had a sprinkle, but I never expect much snow on the south cost as the Downs protect us too much from any fun weather.
Have a lovely Sunday.

Monday, 22 November 2010


I think I might have been in slight Hibernation!!!

Like Little Pickle above!
The dark nights, the cold mornings, loads on at work as we are now in "peak" with the big C drawing ever closer makes me want to curl up in the evenings and sleep.
 As I have said before this time of year at work is soo manic that often I don't have the energy to pick up the lap top when I get home because my brain is full of spreadsheets and numbers!!!
But tonight the logs are burning on the fire, dinner has been eaten at a reasonable time and Bramble Jelly has been made for Christmas presents.
So I think I'm relaxed enough to write and tell you what has been happening in the Chez Sophie House hold.
Saturdays have been full of Charity Shop fun, some great bargains and Christmas presents have been bought.
I have been to another WI meeting, the calender for 2011 meetings sounds like fun so I am defiantly joining in January. I'm still the youngest there! but I have a cunning plan to get a younger crowd involved.
Slimming world is still being followed!! but I have to say I have come to a slight stand still and need to put a bit more effort in to shift a few more pounds before Christmas.
Treacle my little cat has been poorly and keeps having to go to the Vets for antibiotic injections!
 She hates it and it makes me feel like an awful Mummy.
I was given a bread maker by a girl at work last week and now am making bread on a Friday night ready for the weekends.
All the fruit in the freezer is having to be made into Jam to make room for the Christmas food.
And a new Blue front door has been ordered and should be here this week, eek!
So that's my news, sorry for the Hibernation period, I will endeavour to wake myself up and get back to it.
I'm off now to visit your blogs and catch on your news.
Have a great week.