Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Giveaway Goodies & A Giveaway Update

I have been a very lucky girl these last few weeks  flookily winning some wonderful giveaways.
Firstly I would like to say a BIG thank you to Kelly @ Kellys Recipes for Life, who is hosting a monthly giveaway. I won Januarys and this is what I received in the post last week.

A wonderful parcel of CK goodies, thank you Kelly they are right up my street.
Have a look at my right hand column for a link to Kellys Monthly Giveaway.

This week in the post I received a parcel all the way from New Zealand.

This parcel was from the wonderful Lisa of Lydias Treasures.
I had won her wonderful 1st Birthday giveaway of a beautiful crafting book called "Gift"

A truly beautiful crafting book, which has compleatly inspired me to get back to the sewing.
Inside was this lovely message from Lisa.

I just had to share a few of the pages with you as I am totally in love with it all now.

I will be definatly making this little cutie.

And I think my embroydery hoop will be coming out of hiding for this lovely Russian Doll.

Thanks soo much Lisa, I really love the book and the message inside means a lot to me.

Pop over to Lydias Treasures as Lisa has wonderful links to great crafting tutiorals.

So I am now going to give a sneak peak to you all of what is in the Vintage & Thrifted Giveaway soo far.

There is more than in these pictures but I do want some of it to be a wonderful surprise to the lucky winner.
Don't forget to enter here there is still a week & a bit to go.
I am amazed at my followers being 118 today.
I really value your comments & love to hear from you all.
I have made some wonderful friends, sometimes I think you know me better than some of my everyday friends. I'm never too sure why people like to read about my day to day life & antics at the CS but I will keep writing if you all keep listening.

Have a wonderful Easter.


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Thank Heavens for Pink Milk!

I have a big thank you to Pink Milk who gave me this wonderful award this week.

I am honoured and will now share 7 things about myself with you all.

  1. My man says I am officially a Shopaholic, I can’t even go to the shop for a paper without coming home with something else!!

  2. I’m petrified of things with eight legs; I can’t even say their name it makes me shiver.

  3. I love black pudding; my dad always gets some for me when I go and stay with them.

  4. I don’t like lipstick, can’t stand it on my lips. Would much rather wear lip gloss.

  5. I like watching snooker on TV; I find it really relaxing it’s great for falling asleep to!!

  6. I Love Marmite, I have to have it thick like you would chocolate spread on toast, Mmmm might go & have a slice now, lol.

  7. Lastly, I don’t go anywhere without mascara on, I know its vein but I have really fair lashes. To the point where if I don’t wear any mascara I look like I have no eyelashes.
So there are my 7 things, I would like to award the following bloggers this award as they brighten the blogging world.


Saturday, 27 March 2010

Swaptastic March

Wowwieeeeeeeee it has been a swaptastic month hasn’t it.

I my flower swap from Jenny @ Winniebrigs arrived last Saturday much to my excitement.
My colour swap arrived on Monday from Bette aka “MRs Yappy Dog” which was equally exciting.
I really do think my post lady wonders what all these parcels are she keeps having to carry on here bike for me are.

Flower Swap

Jenny sent me some wonderful gifts; I love them all very much.

I received a beautiful vintage cup, saucer & cake plate. A lovely bucket bag, a personalised needle case, seeds for my garden, a fat quarter of lovely rosy fabric, a flower corsage, a flower embroidery kit, a lovely little drawstring bag & 3 beautiful heart shaped lavender bags. All wrapped in beautiful CK paper with handmade embroidered tags.
Thank you soo much Jenny, I love everything, I hope you like yours.
If you want to see what I sent pop over and visit Jenny here.

Colour Swap

Betty sent me a wonderful parcel, which I eagerly opened when I got in from work on Monday. Inside were these beautifully wrapped gifts is lovely cupcake paper.

A wonderful hand silk painted handkerchief soo pretty, I think I will frame it and have it in my sewing room. Also a lovely lavender bag also made out of hand painted silk, some yummy smelling bath fizzys, a bright pink passport holder which will make my passport look a lot more exciting than the regulation maroon!! A beautiful bird handing decoration which will also stay in my sewing room, & a gorgeous vintage broach bright pink & sparkly perfect to adorn one of my many hand bags.

Thank you Betty I love it all, I hope you like your gifts too.

If you want to see what I sent Betty you can check it out here.

So all in all it has been a swaptastic month, thanks to Sew Scrumtious for organising the Flower Swap & to Dolly Dollop for organising the Colour Swap they have both been fab & great fun to take part in.

Have a lovely weekend.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Delicious Miss Dahl

Im sat here watching the wonderful Miss Sophie Dahl on BBC2, in her new show "The Delicious Miss Dahl"
Wishing that I had her kitchen.

It is beautifully Shabby Chic, and her cooking so far is soo my style it's unbelivable.
We even have the same name, how uncanny!!!
So if you have to put a TV date in your diary, pop in next Tuesday at 8.30pm on BBC2.
I think you will enjoy it.
Off to London tomorrow with work to Westfeild Shoping centre in Shepards Bush, and am very excited!!
Maybe I will get her book tomorrow??

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my CS window, maybe I can do another one next week!!!
Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Dressing Windows

Just wanted to share what I got up to on Saturday at the CS.
I was asked to dress the Window, which I have to say is like asking me if I like Chocolate!!!
Of course I would LOVE to dress the window.
My one task was to fit in a huge painting of a nude lady, a very tasteful nude lady I might add. 
So I had a think and a brows around and decided to theme it "Boudoir"
So here it is, full of pretty nightys & PJ's & Lovely vintage dresser dressed with lovelys.

Sorry the pictures arn't great but it was pouring with rain, so quite tricky to take a decent photo.
I have been busy finishing off Swap parcels ready to post tomorrow.
Have a lovely week.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Parcels from Italy

Thank you Michela for my beautiful swap parcel, I was soo excited when it arrived.
I think I also shocked the post lady by being soo excited when she rang the doorbell to deliver it.
What wonderful goddies you sent, the little jug will look beautiful on my shelves, the hanging egg will join my Easter display & I will think of you & Italy when I use the wonderful Neroli.
My parcel to you will be in the post this week

Monday, 15 March 2010

Vintage & Thrifted Giveaway

A while ago I mentioned that I was hoping to run a giveaway when I got too 100 followers, well that happened rather quickly after my post & I now have 106.
Sorry for being late with my giveaway but I have been thrifting for it you see.
I have been hunting for the perfect pieces for it for you.
So I name this giveaway my “Vintage & Thrifted” Giveaway.

I thought it only fair to share some of my bargain CS goodies with you all, so use your imagination for now but you know what I like to buy from my past post.
(Ok I here are some clues, haberdashery, china, linen, fabric, I think you get the picture.)
The rules are leave a message on this post for 1 entry, be a follower or become a follower for another entry & if you add my giveaway button to your post or post about my giveaway you can gain another entry remember to message me if you do post or add my button.
I will leave it open until the 10th April, my birthday when I will pick a winner.
(It also gives me time to find some more goodies for you)
Have a lovely week all.

Pink Giveaway Parcels

On Saturday after I posted my last post, the postie arrived with a pink parcel for me.
Inside was this beauty

A beautiful pin cushion handmade by Katy @ Random Musings, I was one of her lucky giveaway winners.
I don’t know about anyone else but I like to keep a pin cushion with each of my “on the go” projects, so this one will be designated to my next project.

Thank you Katie it's beautiful


Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bring back the sun…..

Where has the sunshine gone this week, it’s been grey and gloomy and I really think we need some more sunshine…..
My week has been busy & I have a cold which always makes me feel a little wan as my mother would say!!
I received 3 awards this week all the sunshine award from
Jenny @ Winnibriggs &amp
Emma @ Em’s Shabby Shack 
Country Style Living
thank you ladies you brightened up my days.

So I’m sharing it with you all please take it a spread the sunshine around.
And I’m also sharing my daffodils with you; they always make me feel sunnier.

I wanted to share with you some of my recent CS purchases that I told you about in my last post.

I have a slight addiction to the linen section at the CS these days and pillow cases have become my new favourite.

I have put a few of my Easter bits on the dresser to also brighten up the kitchen.

Gav has been a busy boy and the dining room end of our lounge diner is nearly all painted bright white, it looks soo much brighter and the shelves are soo beautiful.
Not full of CS finds yet, but I will slowly infiltrate the minimal look he is going for, lol.
So lovely people I’m off to the CS for my afternoon shift, Enjoy your weekend.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Home Time

I’m back!!
As you can tell I didn’t get the opportunity to blog whilst at Mum & Dads.
We managed to squeeze loads into the 3 days we had together.
Mum made me fish pie, which made me a happy bunny on Wednesday when I arrived.
We popped to the club first for a drink, where I chatted about CS & CB with 2 of Mum’s friends who are really into them too.
I got the low down on where the best CS’s were in the town which was great.
On Thursday Mum & I went in to Ipswich shopping, I got some lovely stuff.
But was a little disappointed not to have found the pretty Pink polka dot bag in Primark which I was after.
Thursday afternoon my Lovely Aunt (with the craft business) & her husband came round for a cuppa & she had left a big box of loveliness for me at Mum’s last time she visited which I was able to thank her for.
Loads of fabric & cottons etc, it was like Christmas all over again.
Thursday evening we went out to dinner at my favourite restaurant, I had a lovely pizza, mmmmmm. Needless to say WW went by the wayside this week!! LOL.
On Friday I visited my Grand Parents (Mum’s Parents), they are 89 & 90 and celebrate there 68th wedding anniversary this year.
Jolly good going I think.
Dad took Granddad shopping and we took Grandma to town for coffee at the Spa Pavilion I mentioned in my previous post.

I hadn’t actually been there since I was a child with my Grandma so it was very special to go with her as she is getting very frail these days.
I walked along the beach as it was such a lovely day.

These are the pretty beach huts which line the prom, Mum hired the Blue one last year.

I have asked her to try and get the Pink one this year, although the little boys in the family said they would rather the Blue again!!! Boys!!!
So Friday afternoon was my CS afternoon and boy did I visit them all.
I got some vintage pillow cases, a darning mushroom, pretty fabric & lace trimmings.
I popped in to Vintage Mason, the ladies in there are lovely and I browsed for ages chatting away.
Friday night I went out for dinner with my lovely cousin Lucy, we had a great night catching up.
So Saturday I got in mini and came home, and what did I find when I got home?

These wonderful shelves, my boy had been busy and put these fabby shelves in and finished off the fireplace.
So I had a wonderful week, I feel refreshed but slightly heavier!!!
Back to work today, all good there and CS shift on Saturday which I'm really looking forward to.
Have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Charity Shops, who do you donate to???

Boy you can tell I’m on holiday can’t you!
I have enough brain power to blog, third time this week.
Today enough was enough, Gav was beginning to look like a yeti and no matter what I did to his hair, blow dry it, straighten it (yes I got the straigteners on it) or coat it in wax he looked awful!
So we went to the Barbers today, our friend Petes Barbers Bababaro.
It just happens that the barbers are on a stretch of shops that has 5 CS’s on it!!
So you know what’s coming next, don’t you?
I decided to leave Gav in the good hands of Pete, with strict instructions to sort his hair out and off I went to the shops.
I was amazed to see that 3 out of the 5 CS had a minimal amount of stock, which surprised me as our CS is inundated with stock all the time.
I wonder if the general public is being a bit more picky with whom they donate to; from my observations it seems that they are donating to shops that will benefit charities in the UK, & more close to home charities like hospices.
Which is easy to understand, we all have a favourite charity we support.
The problem is that some CS’s end up with too much and end up binning stuff and some have not enough.
I love my CS’s missions and would hate to think that a CS would have to close due to lack of stock; I even noticed a sign in one CS window saying “Bric a Brac Needed”
So I have decided that next time I want to donate to a CS, I will think about the CS’s I go into and if they have good levels of stock and I will give to one I know has less stock than others.
I love CS’s as I know a lot of you do too and if any were to shut due to lack of donations I think I would be a little sad, as we all love our thrifting don’t we.
Any way rant over, don’t know where that came from, brain is obviously on holiday and has time to think about stuff other than work.
So off I popped to Help the Aged, not much stock in there sad to say.
Oxfam which had a little more stock but tend to focus on books more that other stuff.
Link Romania quite a lot of stock, lots of furniture – I bought 5 silver desert spoons 10p each.
Mind – not much in there either, looked a bit dilapidated to be honest.
Then last but not least the Local Lions CS, which had lots of lovelies.
I got quite carried away.
Before I was even in the shop, I saw the green tea set in the window and had to have it 4 cups & saucers + 2 other saucers with a similar pattern, £2 I couldn’t refuse.
The pattern reminds me of CK’s Provence Rose.

I also found a couple of pretty egg cups for Easter, 3 children’s books, 2 old pillow case in pretty fabric & something to add to the Giveaway I’m planning.
I also popped into the local green grocers and bought 2 pots of pretty primroses.

I have potted one in the pink pot I got yesterday.
So I’m off to Suffolk tomorrow, my basket from yesterday is filling up with things to take with me.
Hopefully I will blog from Mum’s, enjoy your week.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Pinch Punch First of The Month…

Well my wish came true and the sun came out for us today, hopefully March will be the turning point and the sun is here to stay. Fingers crossed.
Look at these little poppets which popped out to see the sun today, what a difference a bit of sunshine makes.

The fist day of our holiday started very lazily, as it was my mans birthday he was aloud a lie in.
Then we had presents, I bought him 3 raspberry canes, some strawberry bags, sweets etc.
I was a little worried as I had ordered him a guitar for his PS3 band heroes and it hadn’t arrived, but then the post lady arrived bearing parcels & he was very pleased with it.
What we do to make our men happy, lol!!
We popped out to the shops; a new big T supermarket has opened so we thought we would have a look. It is colossal, huge and not the best experience. It was all a bit too much and seemed more expensive than our usual shopping bill. We won’t be going there again in a hurry I tell you!
Bacon & Egg wholemeal muffins for lunch, mmmmmmmmmm.
Then I managed to pop to my CS, whilst himself was playing PS3!!

And look what I found.

This beautiful basket was outside the shop front, I snatched it up before anyone else could have it. Gosh I know it’s not good to snatch but it had to be mine.

I also found this little baby pink le cruset soup dish, that goes perfectly with my blue ones.
Some fabby sewing supplies, embroidery silks & vintage cottons.
I walked out of the shop with a smile on my face and my shopping in my new shopping basket, with a spring in my step.
We went to Gav’s Mum & Dads for a Fish & Chips birthday supper and homemade yummy chocolate cake with mascarpone, chocolate & raspberry filling.
Gosh I’m feeling fat tonight!!
Thanks for all the lovely holiday comments, I’m very pleased to hear it’s sunny on the east cost today.
Lets hope the sun keeps its hat on for the rest of the week.