Saturday, 27 March 2010

Swaptastic March

Wowwieeeeeeeee it has been a swaptastic month hasn’t it.

I my flower swap from Jenny @ Winniebrigs arrived last Saturday much to my excitement.
My colour swap arrived on Monday from Bette aka “MRs Yappy Dog” which was equally exciting.
I really do think my post lady wonders what all these parcels are she keeps having to carry on here bike for me are.

Flower Swap

Jenny sent me some wonderful gifts; I love them all very much.

I received a beautiful vintage cup, saucer & cake plate. A lovely bucket bag, a personalised needle case, seeds for my garden, a fat quarter of lovely rosy fabric, a flower corsage, a flower embroidery kit, a lovely little drawstring bag & 3 beautiful heart shaped lavender bags. All wrapped in beautiful CK paper with handmade embroidered tags.
Thank you soo much Jenny, I love everything, I hope you like yours.
If you want to see what I sent pop over and visit Jenny here.

Colour Swap

Betty sent me a wonderful parcel, which I eagerly opened when I got in from work on Monday. Inside were these beautifully wrapped gifts is lovely cupcake paper.

A wonderful hand silk painted handkerchief soo pretty, I think I will frame it and have it in my sewing room. Also a lovely lavender bag also made out of hand painted silk, some yummy smelling bath fizzys, a bright pink passport holder which will make my passport look a lot more exciting than the regulation maroon!! A beautiful bird handing decoration which will also stay in my sewing room, & a gorgeous vintage broach bright pink & sparkly perfect to adorn one of my many hand bags.

Thank you Betty I love it all, I hope you like your gifts too.

If you want to see what I sent Betty you can check it out here.

So all in all it has been a swaptastic month, thanks to Sew Scrumtious for organising the Flower Swap & to Dolly Dollop for organising the Colour Swap they have both been fab & great fun to take part in.

Have a lovely weekend.



Florence and Mary said...

They are some great swap goodies aren't they!

Hope you're having a great weekend

Victoria xx

Emma said...

What lovely swap goodies, lucky you!
Love Jenny's flower swap idea of the Cup and Saucer it's really pretty.
Em x

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Oh how brill!
Lucky you.
Hope you're enjoying the weekend.

winnibriggs said...

Hi Sophie,
So glad you liked your parcel, you can tell from my blog I certainly loved yours. Have a good weekend.
Jenny xx

Sew Scrumptious said...

What gorgeous parcels! Such lovely things to receive. How exciting. Can't wait to get mine now!

Geothermal Heat Pumps said...
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Duchess of Tea said...

Darling so much love has come your way via the mail, enjoy them and use them in good health. Hope your are having a lovely weekend.

Love & Hugs

Kissed by an Angel said...

What gorgeous swap pressies!!! Lucky you!!
Have a great weekend

A Country Girl said...

Lovely swaps, lucky you!

melanie said...

Lovely swap goodies. xxx

Kelly said...

lovley swap goodies!!!
Thank you so much for my birthday present! I have scheduled a post for later in the week to thank you properly!

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Brill swaps and I love how they were packaged, so pretty! :) x

Pink Milk said...

Sophie, there's a beautiful blogger award for you on my blog! ;-)

Heather x

LittleGem said...

Hi Sophie,
Love the swap goodies :)
You may want to take a peek at my blog as you are gonna have another parcel coming your way soon!
xx Gem

Blueberry Heart said...

What fab swap goodies you've received - lovely!

hapi-ness said...

ahhh you are so lucky!! all of my swap partners before never put much effort into it haha :D I do love swaps though, might sign up for another soon ;)