Monday, 8 March 2010

Home Time

I’m back!!
As you can tell I didn’t get the opportunity to blog whilst at Mum & Dads.
We managed to squeeze loads into the 3 days we had together.
Mum made me fish pie, which made me a happy bunny on Wednesday when I arrived.
We popped to the club first for a drink, where I chatted about CS & CB with 2 of Mum’s friends who are really into them too.
I got the low down on where the best CS’s were in the town which was great.
On Thursday Mum & I went in to Ipswich shopping, I got some lovely stuff.
But was a little disappointed not to have found the pretty Pink polka dot bag in Primark which I was after.
Thursday afternoon my Lovely Aunt (with the craft business) & her husband came round for a cuppa & she had left a big box of loveliness for me at Mum’s last time she visited which I was able to thank her for.
Loads of fabric & cottons etc, it was like Christmas all over again.
Thursday evening we went out to dinner at my favourite restaurant, I had a lovely pizza, mmmmmm. Needless to say WW went by the wayside this week!! LOL.
On Friday I visited my Grand Parents (Mum’s Parents), they are 89 & 90 and celebrate there 68th wedding anniversary this year.
Jolly good going I think.
Dad took Granddad shopping and we took Grandma to town for coffee at the Spa Pavilion I mentioned in my previous post.

I hadn’t actually been there since I was a child with my Grandma so it was very special to go with her as she is getting very frail these days.
I walked along the beach as it was such a lovely day.

These are the pretty beach huts which line the prom, Mum hired the Blue one last year.

I have asked her to try and get the Pink one this year, although the little boys in the family said they would rather the Blue again!!! Boys!!!
So Friday afternoon was my CS afternoon and boy did I visit them all.
I got some vintage pillow cases, a darning mushroom, pretty fabric & lace trimmings.
I popped in to Vintage Mason, the ladies in there are lovely and I browsed for ages chatting away.
Friday night I went out for dinner with my lovely cousin Lucy, we had a great night catching up.
So Saturday I got in mini and came home, and what did I find when I got home?

These wonderful shelves, my boy had been busy and put these fabby shelves in and finished off the fireplace.
So I had a wonderful week, I feel refreshed but slightly heavier!!!
Back to work today, all good there and CS shift on Saturday which I'm really looking forward to.
Have a wonderful week.


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

I love the beach huts. Hope you get the pink one.

Kelly said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the gift from your Aunt!
I would want the pink hut too!!!

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

What a lovely boy you have!
To make you shelves, just for you to fill with all your CS goodies!
Bless! X said...

I love the beach huts! ALso, those shelves and your fireplace look wonderful. I could do with someone doing that for me! Suzie xxx

melanie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and what a nice suprise to return home too. xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Waht a great week you had!! And the lovely shelves to come home to!!! Fabulous!!

A Country Girl said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I hope you will be showing us some of lovely finds?

Florence and Mary said...

I'd love to have a beach hut!

Victoria x

Country Style Living said...

Sounds like you have a had a great the beach have also received some sunshine..please visit my blog for details

TCake said...

oooh love the beach huts.... glad that you had a fab time.... Tx

Duchess of Tea said...

Definitely the pink hut darling. Aren't boys just the best, he did a marvellous job with the shelves. Glad you had a lovely time.

Love & Hugs

Emma said...

Hello Sophie,
As you are one of my favourite bloggers,
I have nominated you for a SUNSHINE AWARD!
Have a peek on my blog if you would like further information.
Em xxx

Michela said...

Hi Sophie! Glad you had a lovely time catching up with your family!
Ipswich looks so charming!
Gav did a great job and how sweet of him! xxx

winnibriggs said...

Love your blog it really makes me smile and so I have awarded you a sunshine blog award. If you have not received one before, please check out my blog for further instructions. Continue to spread your sunshine we all need as much as we can get.
Jenny x

winnibriggs said...

Had to leave another comment specifically about your post. The beach huts look fab & what a wonderful time you had with your family & friends. I'm off to Chester this weekend. Can't wait to see what their CS hold.
Jenny x

Emma said...

Hi Sophie, just wanted to say thank you for the kind comment you left me about Ging.
I hope you got the pink polka dot bag, they still have some in cambridge if you really need one?Have a great weekend Em x