Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Relief & Fear

Just a quick update about Pickle, Gav got a phone call yesterday from our neighbour to say she was in the driveway of our house. Gav rushed home & managed to get her into the house, she couldn't walk goodness know how she crawled home!
I then came home and we got a vets appointment.
Long story short she is very poorly, she has had her tailed pulled, somehow! 
She has a paralyzed tail & she may have severe nerve damage to her bladder, bowel & spine.
She can't pee herself at the moment and will be at the vets until they can properly asses the damage.
I have never been soo worried in my life, I was soo relieved she came home but also soo worried about the damage that has been done and what will happen next....
We just have to wait & see.
Thanks for your wonderful supportive messages.
We went to visit her tonight and although she is still very poorly we just have to be positive that she will pull through this.

Thanks again

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Lost Property

Sad news in the Chez Sophie Household, Pickle Gavin's cat has gone missing!

She hasn't been home for 2 days now, So we are quite sad.
We have done everything we can, searched the local area, phoned the local vet's, put flyer's through all the neighbours doors and spoken to everyone we can down our road. She is chipped and has a collar so if she is picked up we will get called by a vet or police.
Let's hope she comes home soon.
I hope your having a better weekend than me.
Sophie xxx

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

I'm not with my Daddy today but I have spoken to him, he has had his card & toast with my homemade raspberry jam on it for breakfast. He had his present when I went to stay a couple of weeks ago - a wind up lamp for the garden/beach hut! Very useful, apparently he tried it out last night in the garden.
I hope all those Daddies out there have a wonderful day.

Friday, 17 June 2011

A Few of my Favourite Things

Hello All

Just thought I would pop by and say I'm still alive just been having a break.
I just had to share a few of my current favourite things!
Firstly a new magazine called Mollie Makes, it is soo up my street and such a breath of fresh air in the craft magazine catalogue.

My garden has been taking up a lot of my time as well, it is all growing soo fast and needing quite a bit of attention. Thank goodness it has been raining a bit more as it really did need it, it has all started to flourish again.

My new phone is also my new Best Friend, It can do everything I want it to even Blog, which means I can blog on the move!

WI has taken on a new meaning to me!

I have made a couple of really good like minded friends, we have started a bit of a mini revolution by chance! And the committee are taking notice that more needs to be done to generate new members! I think we rattled a few cages by visiting a new Young WI in the local area to see what they did differently to our WI, now lots of the other members are asking us about it and want our WI to do more interactive activities as well!
I do feel like I have opened a can of worms but a good can, as everyone seems positive about it!
More on that soon, I am in charge of the raffle for the next meeting!

So I have my thinking cap on for some lovely prizes.
I have also been learning about how to research family history online, I have been spurred on by one of my WI friends who has a wealth of knowledge about it & is helping a great deal as it is quite a tricky process.
Who do you think you are? & Long Lost Family has a lot to answer too!!!

So all in all I'm keeping busy.
Have a lovely weekend, I'm off to check my google reader now and have a good old catch up.