Saturday, 10 January 2009


I guess you could say I'm a hoarder/collector/magpie!!
I have a weird thing about ribbon, I have to keep any ribbon that comes off something, a present, a bouquet of flowers even the ribbons they put in clothes for hanging.
I have had this since I studied textiles at school, the store cupboard was full of bundles of fabric and Old fashioned sweet jars filled with ribbons and bits in every colour imaginable.
I saw some beautiful cushions in a magazine they were fabric with ribbons sewn in lines across them. So I thought I would have a go at making some myself, (a good use for all those ribbons I've been hording all these years).
I decided on a Fuchsia, Purple and Gold theme for my pink room. I bought some oblong cushion inereds from Dunelmill and set to work.
I decided that I would use wonderweb/bonderweb to firmly attach my ribbon to the fuchsia backing fabric and then stitch over them with gold thread.
Wonderweb/bondaweb is great for this type of project it holds the ribbons perfectly in place whilst stitching. I backed the cushions with a deep purple velvet et voila! 2 new cushions for the pink room x