Sunday, 25 April 2010

Day by Day

My Pear tree in bloom looking out to the pond

Time seems to be flying by at the moment, it will be May next week where did 5 months go??
Thank you all soo much for all the beautiful comments on my last post.
My Grandma is still with us & who knows what this week will bring.
I told my Mum about all your lovely comments and she was soo touched.
I haven't been to visit as my family live a long way from where I live, we also decided that it would be too much for her to have 12 grand children descend upon her & as you know I saw her not long before she went to hospital. The hospital is quite strict with visiting hours so it is best that my Grandfather & their four children visit her. I speak to my Mum every day for an update.
I am really busy at work which has helped to keep my mind occupied and Gav has been great, keeping me on an even keel. I did make him cookies this afternoon as a treat.
Gosh sorry to waffle on.
I have been out in the garden this weekend & at the CS which is a lovely escape from the everyday blur.
I got some lovely bargains, a plate rack which I will paint white and hang in my kitchen. Ohh & I think I might need some more pretty plates to fill it. 
I also got one of those stools that you sit on on a camel, it has a red leather cushion on it & looks cool in the lounge.
So I must go and get to bed as work will be silly busy in the morning.
Have a lovely week, sorry I've been away & thanks for being here for me it means soo much.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Feeling a little Blue…

(True Love & Memories)

Forgive me for neglecting my blog this week but I have found it hard to be cheery.

Truth be told I am feeling a little blue.

My Grandma is very poorly & may not be with us much longer.
She has been in hospital for more than 3 weeks now.
She is such a brave woman, having to stay in hospital away from my grandfather who she has been married to for 68 years, & she has not had to stay in a hospital since my mother was born 60 years ago.

I spent a lovely day with her when I went to stay with Mum & Dad back in March, I told you about it I think. We went for tea at the Spa Pavilion in Felixstowe, a place she always took me as a child, it felt so right to do. My Mum says they talked about our tea at the Spa the other day and how lovely it was. I’m glad she enjoyed it as much as I did.

So if I’m not around much, please forgive me.

I find that it hard to write when I feel like this; the words don’t seem to come out right!

Love you Grandma xxx

Sunday, 11 April 2010

A Birthday & Giveaway Winner’s Announced

Thanks soo much for all my wonderful Birthday wishes, I had a lovely day not doing much to be honest. Friends popped round & I opened lovely presents.

CK mugs for my collection, Gorgeous shoes, a beautiful scarf, the most hankered after UJ tins & strawberry note book, smellys, jewellery and the list goes on.
Along with lot’s of Dollars for our trip to New York in October.
I chose to go out to dinner at a new restaurant come café that I had heard rave reviews about, called the Crescent Road Café.

Well the reviews really did the restaurant justice.
The food was amazing, I had pan roasted cod on a bed of potatoes & crushed peas & broad beans yummmmmmmy. Followed buy the cheese plate.
Gav had a sirloin steak, with hand cut chips which came in a little copper sauce pan with peppercorn sauce. Followed by hot chocolate brownie with hazelnut cream.
All very reasonable as well, it is defiantly my new favourite place to go.

Well my lovelies here is what you have all been waiting for my Vintage & Thrifted Giveaway results.
I have decided that I will also give 2 more little giveaway parcels as well as the main winner parcel.
I randomly picked 3 names out of the hat in this order.
First Place goes to KC’s Court

Second Place goes to Emma Jane of A Rainbow of A Mess

Third Place goes to Hapi-ness

So a big thank you to all who commented, became followers & put my button on their blog. I never thought when I started this blog that I would make so many new friends, I truly am overwhelmed by you all.
So I’m off to get dressed, visit the in-laws & then to the garden as the sun has got its hat on hip hip hip hooray………..
Have a lovely week

Friday, 9 April 2010

Decisions Decisions…..

Thanks all for you lovely comments on what to do in yesterdays post.
I finally came to a decision, and pootled off down the garden to the potting shed.

Where I looked at all my seeds and started to plant some.

I planted; tomatoes, chilli’s, beetroot & lettuce all are now on my kitchen windowsill hopefully starting to grow.
I also planted out some salad leaves into the cold frame.

And strawberry plants into planters.

It was lovely & sunny yesterday and my freckles have started to darken on my face after the long winter.
As it was such a nice day I also started to revamp my Lloyd loom ottoman with some spray paint, more about that another day.
In the evening my best friend Gem popped round with this wonderful box, I wonder what’s inside???

Ooh Birthday cupcakes for me, yummy……….
Well all I’m off out today with said best friend to Portsmouth for the day sort of a early Birthday day out, so I will see you all later.
Have a lovely Sunny Day.Luv

Thursday, 8 April 2010

What To Do???

Well my wonderful blogging friends, I’m sat here with a coffee and I am undecided on what to do today!
I am on holiday this week; so far I have done a shift at the CS on Tuesday, had a lazy day yesterday with TV catch up, blogging catch up & laundry.
Tomorrow I’m off on a day out with my best friend for my birthday which leaves me today free to do what I want, but I’m just not sure what to do.
The sun is shining so I could go down the garden to the veggie patch & plant some seeds.

I could pop to the shops but I’m trying not to spend any money so probably not the best idea.
I could do some baking from my new thrifted Rachel Allen cookbooks Bake & Home Cooking, a real find at only £2 each in a fabby CS on Saturday, but that could involve shopping for ingredients.

All my palls are at work so no one to come round for lunch.
I think gardening is the best option, I have lots to plant.
I have been growing a couple of lovely flowers on my kitchen windowsill.

They are soo pretty, and really brighten up the kitchen when it is gloomy & grey.

Sorry to post in such an indecisive way today, but I am a little lost!!!
I’m used to having a plan and being organised but this week has been more about re charging my batteries, trying to get rid of this cold that is lingering and generally me time.
I did spot this in Easy Living and wanted to share it with you, a free CK bag & 15% off CK in next months edition.

Well I think I’ll have another coffee, and a wonder down the garden maybe inspiration will hit me.

Have a lovely day.


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Button Swap

A while ago I joined in a button swap over at Felling Stitchy.

I had never mad buttons before so thought it would be fun to have a go.

I was partnered with Sarah of My Spare Time, who is a wonderful crafter & quilter.

She sent me the most wonderful parcel filled with lovely goodies all the way from ….

Yes all the way from Texas USA, what a long way to come.
Here are the beautiful buttons Sarah sent me; they are wonderful and so beautifully embroidered.

Sarah also sent me some wonderful fabric & embroidery silks, I do think there are some truly wonderful fabrics in the US that we just don’t have over here.

Some YUMMY sweets that I actually ate before I got to my camera sorry they were amazing. Some Hershey eggs & an amazing chocolate bar which was raspberry, lemon & biscotti truffle, mmmmmmmmm.

As you can see I ate the cololate bar as I took my photos!!!
I hope Sarah liked the buttons I sent her, as I said I had never made buttons before so I hope they are up to standard.
Thanks Sarah for a wonderful Swap.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter

Don't eat too much Chocolate......