Friday, 9 April 2010

Decisions Decisions…..

Thanks all for you lovely comments on what to do in yesterdays post.
I finally came to a decision, and pootled off down the garden to the potting shed.

Where I looked at all my seeds and started to plant some.

I planted; tomatoes, chilli’s, beetroot & lettuce all are now on my kitchen windowsill hopefully starting to grow.
I also planted out some salad leaves into the cold frame.

And strawberry plants into planters.

It was lovely & sunny yesterday and my freckles have started to darken on my face after the long winter.
As it was such a nice day I also started to revamp my Lloyd loom ottoman with some spray paint, more about that another day.
In the evening my best friend Gem popped round with this wonderful box, I wonder what’s inside???

Ooh Birthday cupcakes for me, yummy……….
Well all I’m off out today with said best friend to Portsmouth for the day sort of a early Birthday day out, so I will see you all later.
Have a lovely Sunny Day.Luv

14 comments: said...

It is lovely planting seeds, I have planted some too! Glad you decided on something so lovely to do! The cupcakes look yummy! Happy Birhtday to come! suzie xxx

Emma said...

Hope you had a fab day out.
Happy Birthday ..x

Michela said...

Enjoy your day out and have a very happy Birthday!!! xxx

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Have a lovely birthday and a great day out. You have got me motivated now so I may get some potting done today.

CraftyHelen said...

Oh Sophie - you bring out the green eyed monster in me! First I had raised bed envy, now it's potting shed envy....xx

Busyvintagebee said...

Happy Birthday Sophie!!! Have fun on your day out!!

KC'sCourt! said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Sophie
Happy Birthday to you

A Country Girl said...

Happy Birthday!
I have been planting this morning too, its such a wonderful day!
Just having a little lunch break now - digging makes me hungry.

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Sophie.. I spotted you had become a new follower on my blog, so wanted vto pop by and say hi! So................ HI! ;o)

Hope your seeds grow. Very envious of your veggie beds. They look great!

Chris xx

Isobel said...

Seems like you had a great time doing your gardening. And oh those cupcakes!!! So pretty!!

VintageVicki said...

Happy Birthday -hope you've had a great day.

Plans made here to start garden stuff this weekend - seed sowing for me tomorrow :)

Cally's Cottage said...

Lovely Day!!Happy Birthday to you...
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, have a fantastic day xx

hapi-ness said...

oooo i love gardening :D and those cakes look amazing!! xx