Thursday, 8 April 2010

What To Do???

Well my wonderful blogging friends, I’m sat here with a coffee and I am undecided on what to do today!
I am on holiday this week; so far I have done a shift at the CS on Tuesday, had a lazy day yesterday with TV catch up, blogging catch up & laundry.
Tomorrow I’m off on a day out with my best friend for my birthday which leaves me today free to do what I want, but I’m just not sure what to do.
The sun is shining so I could go down the garden to the veggie patch & plant some seeds.

I could pop to the shops but I’m trying not to spend any money so probably not the best idea.
I could do some baking from my new thrifted Rachel Allen cookbooks Bake & Home Cooking, a real find at only £2 each in a fabby CS on Saturday, but that could involve shopping for ingredients.

All my palls are at work so no one to come round for lunch.
I think gardening is the best option, I have lots to plant.
I have been growing a couple of lovely flowers on my kitchen windowsill.

They are soo pretty, and really brighten up the kitchen when it is gloomy & grey.

Sorry to post in such an indecisive way today, but I am a little lost!!!
I’m used to having a plan and being organised but this week has been more about re charging my batteries, trying to get rid of this cold that is lingering and generally me time.
I did spot this in Easy Living and wanted to share it with you, a free CK bag & 15% off CK in next months edition.

Well I think I’ll have another coffee, and a wonder down the garden maybe inspiration will hit me.

Have a lovely day.



swedishouse said...

Hej Sophie

Ooh make the most of your day...sometimes its just lovely to potter and reflect :)
Your raised beds in your veggy plot look great...all pristine ready and waiting for all that planting
Whatever you do ENJOY X

oH BTw thanks for the CK tip will get someone to buy a copy for me

Jille said...

Sometimes it is good for the soul to have a day pottering with no real aim. You also need to conserve energy for tomorrow ;0). Your raised beds put my little plot to shame.
Jille x

LissyLou said...

just potter....i love pottery type days to myself. yes i spotted that ck tote bag too....i subscribe to EL, I bet i get the left one when i'd much rather the right! we'll have to wait and see....

KC'sCourt! said...

Oooooooooh! A day of doing nothing - may I join you I just love those days!

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

Well i'm not at work this week either. BORRRRINGGGG!!!!
Come round here for a coffee?!
Take my boys out swimming?!
We'll all come and plant your veg?!
OK, we'll dump the boys somewhere and you and I can go to the pub! Hmmmm lovely bottle of fizz sat outside, wrapped up warm with the sun shining on our faces. Perfect!
See you in 10! hee hee, xxx

Isobel said...

Hi Sophie,
I just found your blog and I am happy I did. :)
It is really pretty!
Having a full day just for you is amazing. Just take it easy and relax.
Thank you for the Easy Living tip! I will make sure I get a copy!

CraftyHelen said...

I get stressed sometimes trying to decide what to do with myself - how sad is that? I'm off to the shops later, thanks so much for the CK tip-off.Enjoy your shopping tomorrow.xx

Kelly said...

Sometimes its just nice to do nothing!
I am gonna do laundry and some food shopping!

Kissed by an Angel said...

Relax!!!! Gardening is never my first choice..... or second!!! Whatever you choose, enjoy it!!!!

Country Style Living said...

Sometimes it's good to just think and take stock. I love your raised beds and potting shed. Have a good day, whatever you decide to do with it.....

A Country Girl said...

What could be better than a potter in the garden? Especially if the sun is out where you are (fantastic day here in Suffolk)
Thanks for the Easy Living mag advice - I'll look out for that one.

Pixiedust said...

I hope you managed to find something nice to do. What a bargain your cookbooks were I wish I could find an RA for £2. Thanks for the info about the Easy Living mag, will keep my eyes peeled. xx Pixie xx

BusyLizzie said...

It was definitely a day for the garden here.. blue sky, hot sun & no wind.. absolute bliss!

Emma said...

I had a day like yours yesterday, ended up reading a book and pottering. Love the veggie plot.
Hope what ever you did you enjoyed it x

Lisa said...

Hope you enjoyed your day whatever you ended up doing.
Those books were a real bargain at £2 each!
Lisa x

Duchess of Tea said...

Happy gardening luv, enjoy your holiday or what is left of it.


Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo Sophie you sound like I do, though I am like it all the time. sometimes I just cannot make a decision, and kind of plod onto the next thing. your flower photographs are beautiful. And THANk YOU so much for the heads up on the magazine, shall have a looky. thanks too for looking out for the mumsense one, he is not in the curent one, but maybe in the next one :0) XX said...

Oh, its awful isn't it, when you have time to yourself and can't make your mind up what to do! So many choices! I hope you enjoyed your day whatever you decided to do! suzie xxx

lastofthemojitos said...

What a bargain on the Rachel Allen books - I have both and I think they were around 30 euro new! Hope you had a nice day off x

Florence and Mary said...

This post did make me laugh as I always dream of a day off to myself and then suddenly get overwhelmed with all the things I could do!!! - and usually end up doing nothing I'd planned!

Victoria xx