Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Delicious Mission

I woke up this morning feeling foggy, with little motivation until my Mum phoned from her holiday to say are you getting you pressie today!!!! And then I remembered that I had a mission for the day and I started to feel a whole lot better.
I had to pop to the post office first to pick up a parcel, and surprisingly it was from CK, I'm not opening it though encase it's for my birthday. I the mooched round the town popping into TK's to see what they had and I picked up a bargain dress to wear to my Friend Rachael's wedding this Thursday. I don't often wear dresses, but I felt really good in it so it came home with me.
I then walked down one of my favourite streets, it has lots of little one off shops down it so it's always good for a mooch. I stopped outside this shop.

The Wool Bar, they had this beautiful hanging basket of knitted strawberries outside.

As I peered through the window I noticed a sign about classes that were being held there and low and behold there was one for crochet flowers. I have been so inspired by everyone's crocheting here in blog land, I can crochet basic granny squares but anything else and I am in a complete pickle. So I popped in and booked myself on the course, £12 for an evening course 7 till 9 and they provide a hook and yarn, not bad I thought. The course isn't until June but I love to have things to look forward too.
So then I went to complete the mission of the day.

Can you guess where I am yet?

Yes this amazing little cook shop had my mixer waiting for me at a great price.
So Gav now has it and is keeping it away from me until the day,
I have also done a shift in the CS, made chicken curry, Bombay potatoes and Chocolate marshmallow brownies and now I am pooped!
A bit of Bond on the Telly then bed me thinks.
Don't forget to turn your clocks froward.
PS The lady in the Wool Bar told me that they had knitted the Strawberry Hanging Basket for Cancer Research, and that the pattern had come from Cancer Research. I have found the pattern for the strawberries online click here for it. xxx 

Friday, 25 March 2011

Nearly time to head for the West Counrty...........

Where do the days go, I can't believe that in a few days we are off on holiday to Cornwall.
It feels like only yesterday when I booked it not 7 months ago.
I have never been to Cornwall and am soo excited, I don't think I'm going to want to come home.
We have a lovely (hopefully) barn conversion to stay in near Par, not far from Newquay, Eden Project & Padstow.
So I'm hoping your going to tell me lots of lovely places to go and visit.
I know it's cleacha but I want to have fish & chips at Rick Stiens, Visit the Eden Project & the Lost Gardens of Helagon. As well as seeing Newquay & Port Issac where Doc Martin is filmed.
I'm looking forward to spending time with Gav and our lovely friends we are holidaying with.
Pub lunches and suppers by the fire.
Not long to go now, Work has been manic and I truly need a break. 
I'm off into town tomorrow to pick up my special Birthday Present, Eeek I think I may burst with excitement.
I have promised myself though that I will not open the box and that Gav must wrap it and put it away for the actual day so I have something to open.
It's been lovely & sunny here this week, I'm hoping that the weather stays good for the weekend as I really want to get some veggies planted.
Have a lovely weekend, I hope the sun shines for you.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A to Z Of Me

I saw this over on Victoria's Blog Florence & Mary and thought it would be good to join in with as I haven't done a getting to know you/me post in ages.

A. Age: 29 Years & 348 Days – OMG I am defiantly going to be the big 30 too soon!!
B. Bed size: King Size, I love my bed
C. Chore you dislike: Hovering is my worst nightmare
D. Dogs: I like them but my cat’s are my babies

E. Essential start to your day: A strong coffee when I get to work & a Bacon sandwich always helps the day start off well

F. Favourite colour: Blue
G. Gold or silver: Silver or White Gold
H. Height: 5ft 11”
I. Instruments you play(ed): I learnt Piano when I was little, but really struggles reading music so it never really went anywhere
J. Job. Assistant Commercial Manager for a Beauty Retailer
K. Kids: Not at the moment, am feeling a little selfish!
L. Live: West Sussex, Right on the south coast between Brighton & Chichester
M. Mum’s name: Kathleen (my middle name), but Kathy is the name everyone used N. Nicknames: My sister calls me “Mush” at work I’m normally Soph
O. Overnight hospital stays: None, I have issues with Hospitals
P. Pet peeves: People who don’t say Thank You, it doesn’t cost a penny and means a great deal.
Q. Quote from a movie: “I will always be just a little bit fat” Bridget Jones Edge of Reason

R. Righty or lefty: Righty
S. Siblings: 1 Sister
T. Time you wake up: Weekdays 7 to 7.30am, Weekends Any time I like
U. Underwear: Pretty but comfy,
V. Vegetables you don’t like: I eat most things and can’t quite think of any I dislike at the moment
W. What makes you run late: Turning my alarm off in my sleep, lol
X. X-rays you’ve had: Teeth only
Y. Yummy food you make: I do love to bake and cup cakes are a favourite, along with brownies but I also do a mean Thai curry according to Gav.
Z. Zoo animal favourites: Elephant especially the babies

So there you go a little bit more about me.
Join in it's fun to go though the alphabet and see what your answeres are.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spring Has Sprung

I received an email today from House of Fraser and I just had to show you all this fab piece on silk scarves.

I am seriously into scarves at the moment and think they are a fab accessory to brighten up an outfit.
I have been picking them up for a couple of pounds in Charity Shops for a while now, and the vintage ones are soo much fun with quirky images, great floral patterns and as good as any designer scarf out their on the high street.
I often tie them round the handle of my handbag to to add a little colour to my look for the day.
So my top tip for spring would be accessories with a beautiful scarf & enjoy.
Of to Slimming World now wish me luck.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Don't judge a book by it's cover....................

Do you ever wonder what your book say about you?
I have been sat in front of the fire tonight as the heating is not working again!
And as I look up from my laptop my eye keeps catching my book shelf as I scroll over to the TV to see what drivvel is on it.
So here are the books on my bookshelf and what they means to me.

From the left
  1. The Thrift Book - A great read for anyone who likes to thrift and keep a thrifty life & home
  2. A very old random volume of an Encyclopedia - rescued from a deralict house
  3. The Third Year of War in Pictures - another rescued book (Gav's Rescue)
  4. Kirsties's Homemade Home - Bought to see if there was anything interesting in it!
  5. Good House Keepings Christmas - Given to me by a lady at work
  6. David Baily - an inspirational photographer
  7. Vogue - from 1997 Diana's edition I think
  8. A vintage childrens story book found at a Jumble sale
  9. My Fairytale Annual - a CS find
  10. Sloe Gin & Bee's Wax - I bought this as I fancied making Sloe Gin but couldnt find any Sloes!
  11. Dresses - From the collection of Dianna Princess Of Wales (Southerbys auction catalogue of Diannas Dresses) - Given to me by my late God Mother Eunice a journalist know as Fenella to her readers a true excentirc!!!
  12. Compleat Craft - a great coffee table read
  13. Artist - Ben Livingston - Given to me by my Uncle & Aunt for my 18th Birthday
  14. Practical Allotment Gardening - got to love my veggie patch
  15. Beatles Compleate - A guitar music book of Gav's
Well thats a really random or you could say eclectic collection of books isn't it?
That's only one shelf of it as well.
Does anyone else out there have an odd collection of books staring at them from a shelf?

A Rescued Jar can brighten your day..................

A Dual Purpose for a rescued Kilner Jar from the CS.

Hope you had a lovely Sunny Weekend.

Monday, 14 March 2011

My New Favourite Chocolate Brownie Recipe

I realised last week whilst watching The Hairy Bakers "Mum Knows Best" that I don't have any family recipes. So during the show I phoned my Mum with a list of my favourite family recipes & asked her to ask my family for their recipes. 
I have asked for the following, to start me off.
Grandads Victoria Sponge Recipe - the lightest sponge in the world 
Auntie Sue's Pavlova Recipe - Her Dinner Party Party Piece
Auntie Viv's Flapjacks - No one has ever made one close to hers, a fond childhood memory food
My Dad's Fish Pie - A must have dinner on every visit to see them!
I was having a good old read of all your blogs last night an I noticed that Julie of KC'sCourt had made a Custard Tart. It was my Nanna's favourite cake for a Saturday tea normally from M&S, but I though gosh I wish I had a recipe so I could make it. I sadly don't have any of her recipes.
So I asked Julie and she has kindly sent me her recipe.
She also commented on my Marshmallow Brownies I made yesterday, and asked if I had the recipe so I thought I would share the Brownie Love & here it is.
I actually got it from the Free Morrisons Magazine that I picked up yesterday with the weekly shop.
And now it is my Favourite brownie recipe by far, and soo quick and easy to make.

It makes 15 Brownies
Prep takes about 20 minutes
Cooking about 30
And they are suitable for the freezer

180g Butter - I used Stalk
150g Dark chocolate
3 Eggs
270g Golden Caster Sugar - I used white caster sugar
50g Cocoa Powder
80g Plain Flower
50g Mini Marshmallows

How to Make Marshmallow Chocolate Brownies
  1. Place the butter & chocolate in a bowl over a pan of gently simmering water and heat gently until it melts, let it cool.
  2. Pre Heat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4
  3. Line the base of a 28 x 18cm baking tin with baking parchment. (I lined the sides too)
  4.   Whisk together the eggs and caster sugar, until pale, thick & creamy.
  5. Sift in the cocoa powder and flour and fold it into the egg & sugar mixture with a spatula or metal spoon.
  6. Pour in the cooled melted chocolate mixture in a thin stream and gently fold it in along with the mini marshmallows.
  7. Keep a few marshmallows back for decoration.
  8. Spoon/pour the mixture into the prepared tin.
  9. Bake in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes, I only let them cook for this time so that they stayed gooey inside. They are done when they start to come away from the edge and the top it glossy like paper.
  10. If they still wobble when you check them put them back in for a few more minutes.
  11. Allow to cool completely (if you can resist) and cut into 15.
  12. Sprinkles with the left over marshmallows & eat Mmmmmmmmmmmm.
So there we are my first recipe to add to my new recipe book which I will be covering like the little notebooks I sold on Saturday.

I also took some of my cards, broaches & hair bobbles into work and sold loads and I have more commissions so I must get to work after tea and make more............
Have a great week

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hidden Treasures

A week on and we have central heating and hot water.
The house is warm & cosy and showering is a lot more fun in hot water as opposed to cold.
Work has been super busy, I took Friday off to get ready for my craft fair on Saturday.
I made a few new bits to sell, including some fabric covered notebooks and another mini hot water bottle.
I really enjoyed having a stall at the Hidden Treasures Event.
It was busy and had a great atmosphere with like minded people selling their goodies along with the nearly new clothing sale.
Here is my stall.

And my new Mini Fabric covered notebooks.

& my rosie mini hot water bottle, the one made with the Russian Doll fabric sold which was fab.

Not sure why blogger keeps uploding photos in their side? Anyone have any tips on this glitch?

I also have a customer order from the fair, which is lovely and I will be adding some things to my
little blog shop which I started last year and have really made a poor effort to keep up with.

Today has been spent laying a cable from the airing cupboard to the kitchen for the plummer so he can come back and finish off some pipe work this week.
It was a bit of a mission, we have had floor boards up in the spare room, the bath pannle off and the storage cupbord under the eves compleatly turned out to try and feed the cable through to the kitchen where the boiler is.
Eventually it was done, so to celebrate our DIY mission compleation I made Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies.

They are particully gooie which is just how we like them, Mmmmmmmmmm.
So I'm off to make the packed lunches and get ready for the week ahead.
Have a good one.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sub Zero Temperatures.............

4 Days with no heating & limited hot water now.....
But as they say

We are doing everything we can to keep our house cosy & warm until the plumber can fit the new boiler next week.
We have gone a bit old school and have a blanket hanging over the doorway to our kitchen, and it is helping the cold stay out  of the lounge in the evenings.
We have puled the new old sofa out of the corner or the room and blocked it in round the fire place so that the heat stays in the center of the actual lounge area as we have an open plan living dining room.

Gav has been fitting the new front door today, it was planned to go in before the boiler died soo it was a bit breezy but now we will be warm & snugly.

Hopefully I won't get locked out the house again, Yipppppeee.
Have a lovely week.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Thank You for the Chickens xxx

I just wanted to show you the lovely gift's I received from the Lovely Penny at The Hen House, for her caption competition. Pop over and find out all about the caption competition here.
Penny sent me these 2 lovely Chickens.

The lovely chicken mould is currently adorning my dresser top & the hanging chicken is hanging in my kitchen watching my every move.
Thanks again Penny xxx

Still cold here at Chez Sophie, the boiler is dead!!!
So hopefully we will get a new one fitted next week? fingers crossed.
Have a lovely weekend, I'm off to the CS now for my shift.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Grand Day Out

Firstly thanks for all the advice about the KitchenAid, I have decided on the Red one!!!!
I think as you all said it is the right choice, who cares about practical & safe, definatly need the fun version.
Secondly, I am sat in front of the fire on the floor writing this post as the boiler has broken and the house is freezing!!!!
Thirdly let me tell you about our day out on Tuesday to Ardingly Antiques Fair.
We got up early, it was a chilly day so we wrapped up warm, and took a sceenic drive to Ardingly through the Sussex countryside.
The fair cost £20 each to get in, on the first day and £5 on the second. Unfortunatly we only had Tuesday off work so had to go on the first day. There were quite a lot of stalls outside braving the cold, and more in barns & marquees. But not as many as we though there would be from seeing it on TV.
We walked around all the stalls,but sadly didn't buy anything. Prices were quite steep & a lot of things were already sold. Some stalls were mesmerising.
Love these bright deck chairs, can't wait to get mine finally finished this summer.

Lot's of old french fruit crates on lots of stalls

This stall was a real eclectic mix, love the tricycle

Shabby Chic-ness & lots of it.

This old toy pram was just sat on it's own, looks much better with my name on it!

I loved this old herb chest but it was really quite decrepid and falling appart.
Would have been great in my sewing room.

There were lots of stalls from Europ, selling linen & glass but I have to say they were all quite expensive £10 for a kilner Jar!
I think I am spoilt working in the charity shop, with all my bargains.
I would say a great experience and we are glad we went, we just wish there had been more there we were looking for, we think the summer one might have more sellers due to better weather conditions.
We decidied at lunch time to head back towards Brighton and get some lunch.
We walked throught the south lanes to Jamie Olivers Resturant and had a fab lunch.
I have been before, (I think it was one of my first posts on my blog) but Gav had not been so it made a lovely birthday lunch for him.

The resturant is properly Jamiefied and you feel like you are sat in one of the kitchens you see him cooking in on TV,  we were sat right infront of this deli bar, the meats & Cheese on it looked soo good.
We were still pretty cold so I ordered a coffee and Gav had a birthday beer.

It was a lovely coffee and really warmed me up.

For lunch I chose a Bressola & rainbow beets Salad, which was huge and truly delishious.

(Wrong way round - naughty blogger)

Gav chose the Burger which was huge with all sorts of yummy fillings & Funky Fies.
Definatly a fab place for lunch, If your in Brighton I would definatly recomed a visit.
So our day out finished with some shopping & then home.
So the living room is a bit warmer now and hopefully we will survie the night!
Just please don't let it snow that would be the icing on the cake literlly!

Have a great weekend.

PS I think Blogger is having a funny five as the spell check is not working, so please excuse the bad spelling as I know there will be some in here!