Sunday, 20 March 2011

Don't judge a book by it's cover....................

Do you ever wonder what your book say about you?
I have been sat in front of the fire tonight as the heating is not working again!
And as I look up from my laptop my eye keeps catching my book shelf as I scroll over to the TV to see what drivvel is on it.
So here are the books on my bookshelf and what they means to me.

From the left
  1. The Thrift Book - A great read for anyone who likes to thrift and keep a thrifty life & home
  2. A very old random volume of an Encyclopedia - rescued from a deralict house
  3. The Third Year of War in Pictures - another rescued book (Gav's Rescue)
  4. Kirsties's Homemade Home - Bought to see if there was anything interesting in it!
  5. Good House Keepings Christmas - Given to me by a lady at work
  6. David Baily - an inspirational photographer
  7. Vogue - from 1997 Diana's edition I think
  8. A vintage childrens story book found at a Jumble sale
  9. My Fairytale Annual - a CS find
  10. Sloe Gin & Bee's Wax - I bought this as I fancied making Sloe Gin but couldnt find any Sloes!
  11. Dresses - From the collection of Dianna Princess Of Wales (Southerbys auction catalogue of Diannas Dresses) - Given to me by my late God Mother Eunice a journalist know as Fenella to her readers a true excentirc!!!
  12. Compleat Craft - a great coffee table read
  13. Artist - Ben Livingston - Given to me by my Uncle & Aunt for my 18th Birthday
  14. Practical Allotment Gardening - got to love my veggie patch
  15. Beatles Compleate - A guitar music book of Gav's
Well thats a really random or you could say eclectic collection of books isn't it?
That's only one shelf of it as well.
Does anyone else out there have an odd collection of books staring at them from a shelf?


Betty said...

I don't have a bookshelf and only have three Nigella cookery books, Simple Abundance (lifestyle), Gladys Taber (old lady/country cottage lifestyle), and a couple of sewing books... the rest are all library books - my library is the best building in the town! Your thrift book looks interesting.

Callies Cottage said...

Great books,we share some too...
Hope that your heating is fixed soon,we spent last week without any!
Warm Wishes for Spring!
Callie x

Green thumb said...

Oh no! Poor you ,again freezing!
That's definitely an eclectic collection!

Gem said...

Hi Sophie, I have just discovered that you are my swap partner for the LaaLaa Easter Swap. Just thought I'd introduce myself. Nice to see some familiar books on that shelf, I love Kirstie Allsopp : ) Off now to have a mooch through your blog xxx