Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Delicious Mission

I woke up this morning feeling foggy, with little motivation until my Mum phoned from her holiday to say are you getting you pressie today!!!! And then I remembered that I had a mission for the day and I started to feel a whole lot better.
I had to pop to the post office first to pick up a parcel, and surprisingly it was from CK, I'm not opening it though encase it's for my birthday. I the mooched round the town popping into TK's to see what they had and I picked up a bargain dress to wear to my Friend Rachael's wedding this Thursday. I don't often wear dresses, but I felt really good in it so it came home with me.
I then walked down one of my favourite streets, it has lots of little one off shops down it so it's always good for a mooch. I stopped outside this shop.

The Wool Bar, they had this beautiful hanging basket of knitted strawberries outside.

As I peered through the window I noticed a sign about classes that were being held there and low and behold there was one for crochet flowers. I have been so inspired by everyone's crocheting here in blog land, I can crochet basic granny squares but anything else and I am in a complete pickle. So I popped in and booked myself on the course, £12 for an evening course 7 till 9 and they provide a hook and yarn, not bad I thought. The course isn't until June but I love to have things to look forward too.
So then I went to complete the mission of the day.

Can you guess where I am yet?

Yes this amazing little cook shop had my mixer waiting for me at a great price.
So Gav now has it and is keeping it away from me until the day,
I have also done a shift in the CS, made chicken curry, Bombay potatoes and Chocolate marshmallow brownies and now I am pooped!
A bit of Bond on the Telly then bed me thinks.
Don't forget to turn your clocks froward.
PS The lady in the Wool Bar told me that they had knitted the Strawberry Hanging Basket for Cancer Research, and that the pattern had come from Cancer Research. I have found the pattern for the strawberries online click here for it. xxx 


Aunty Bee said...

What a lovely and lucky day you had. My birthday is coming up soon I hope I'm treated so well, love the mixer. Dinner sounds good, chicken curry for us too, and naans, your Bombay potatoes sound great I might google the recipe.

TCake said...

Oh I want to come & live where you live!... Sounds a lovely day, successful shopping, curry, brownies & bond!!!! Mmmm heaven
Have a fabulous birthday!

lemonade kitty said...

Don't you just love the basket of strawberries?? There's certainly some clever bunnies out there, Lucey xx

Betty said...

What a lovely course you are going on - it looks fun - the hanging basket is beautiful, hope you are able to make one too. A lovely town to live in, might drive there some day and visit your CS and admire your window displays! Betty x

Lisa said...

Now that's what a call a great day!
Bet you are so excited about getting your (oven) mitts on that mixer!
Love, love, love that basket of strawberries and I bet that crochet evening will be fab.
Lisa x

Florence and Mary said...

How fabulous is the hanging basket!

Sounds like you ended up having a great weekend. I went to bed with Bond last night too... doesn't he get around! ;o)

Victoria xx

bibbitybob said...

That does look like an absolutely lovely day! What a lovely pressie you've chosen too...sooo jealous. Dinner sounds good, and I would LOVE a crochet strawberry hanging basket, so cute! x

bibbitybob said...

ps. well done on signing up for that course - do let us know how you get on! x

Blueberry Heart said...

now I've seen plenty of impressive crotheted/knitted things in blogworld recently, but that hanging basket is going to take some beating - absolutley fab! Thanks for posting the pic!

BH x

topchelseagirl said...

Love the strawberries. I don't know how you can contain yourself waiting to start playing with your mixer?!?

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

What a good girl you are not to tear the parcel open!

Your dinner sounds delicious! Yum!

Catherine said...

What a lovely day! The strawberries are fab and I LOVE, LOVE your new mixer! Enjoy your new class! Cx

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for your birthday pressie :) I love it xx

Kandi said...

Happy birthday lovely lady
Kandi x

Michela said...

Happy Birthday Sophie!!! Hope you have a fab day!

Nana Go-Go said...

Happy,Happy Birthday Sophie - hope you have a fab day with loads of lovely things. x

Rebecca said...

Hi Sophie! I hope you had a lovely birthday :-) Just wanted to let you know that your gift it on it's way, I'm running a little late at th moment!
Becky x

WoodbankCrafts said...

Just to say that for some reason I had your birthday down as 16th April, I'll be popping you Birthday Swap parcel in the post tomorrow. Sorry it's late :) x

Kelly said...

Hi Sophie! Hope you had a lovely birthday, sorry I forgot this year (hangs head in shame!. Have missed you, am off to catch up xxx

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

sounds like a lovely and productive day x

♥ Miss Tea said...

Oh my gosh! i googled about strawberry pattern as i saw the cute hanging basket at the wool bar in town that i really really wanted to make and i found your blog! thanks so much for sharing the pattern! thank you!

x susan

Kitchen Models said...

Wonderfully crisp and always interesting!