Sunday, 13 March 2011

Hidden Treasures

A week on and we have central heating and hot water.
The house is warm & cosy and showering is a lot more fun in hot water as opposed to cold.
Work has been super busy, I took Friday off to get ready for my craft fair on Saturday.
I made a few new bits to sell, including some fabric covered notebooks and another mini hot water bottle.
I really enjoyed having a stall at the Hidden Treasures Event.
It was busy and had a great atmosphere with like minded people selling their goodies along with the nearly new clothing sale.
Here is my stall.

And my new Mini Fabric covered notebooks.

& my rosie mini hot water bottle, the one made with the Russian Doll fabric sold which was fab.

Not sure why blogger keeps uploding photos in their side? Anyone have any tips on this glitch?

I also have a customer order from the fair, which is lovely and I will be adding some things to my
little blog shop which I started last year and have really made a poor effort to keep up with.

Today has been spent laying a cable from the airing cupboard to the kitchen for the plummer so he can come back and finish off some pipe work this week.
It was a bit of a mission, we have had floor boards up in the spare room, the bath pannle off and the storage cupbord under the eves compleatly turned out to try and feed the cable through to the kitchen where the boiler is.
Eventually it was done, so to celebrate our DIY mission compleation I made Chocolate Marshmallow Brownies.

They are particully gooie which is just how we like them, Mmmmmmmmmm.
So I'm off to make the packed lunches and get ready for the week ahead.
Have a good one.


Catherine said...

What a busy week you have had! Well done with your Craft Fair! It's not a bit wonder you needed a chocolate fix at the end of it! You deserved it! Cx

VintageVicki said...

Well done on your craft fair - some lovely makes there :)

KC'sCourt! said...

Well done with the craftfair.
All that upheavel with the boiler you deserve chocolate there a recipe.....?
Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

Bluebell said...

Your stall looks great but its the cake that's got my attention (not that your wares don't look fab!)

Glad you've got the heating back x

Country Girl said...

Glad you are warm and cosy again.
You have some lovley makes - especially that last one!

Lisa said...

Very pleased to hear the boiler is sorted (nearly) and the craft fair went well.
Those brownies llok amazing1
Lisa x