Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sub Zero Temperatures.............

4 Days with no heating & limited hot water now.....
But as they say

We are doing everything we can to keep our house cosy & warm until the plumber can fit the new boiler next week.
We have gone a bit old school and have a blanket hanging over the doorway to our kitchen, and it is helping the cold stay out  of the lounge in the evenings.
We have puled the new old sofa out of the corner or the room and blocked it in round the fire place so that the heat stays in the center of the actual lounge area as we have an open plan living dining room.

Gav has been fitting the new front door today, it was planned to go in before the boiler died soo it was a bit breezy but now we will be warm & snugly.

Hopefully I won't get locked out the house again, Yipppppeee.
Have a lovely week.


Pretty at Heart said...

You poor things!! Good job it has happened now and not when we had snow though! Fingers crossed that you will be snug and warm again soon!

Bluebell said...

Really feel for you, there's nothing worse than being cold! Like Pretty at Heart said, at least it happened now and not in the snow!


Florence and Mary said...

I love the new front door!

My heating isn't working at the moment but I have one of those plug in "dragon" heaters and they work surprising well, it's just horrible walking in to a cold flat!

Victoria xx

Betty said...

My goodness, not the best time to swap front doors! but doesn't it look lovely. Sounds like you might be warmer outside with the chiminea on! hope your boiler is sorted soon. When we were kids we used to sleep with our arms in our coats back to front so they covered us and our parents coats on top of those! you could try that! Betty x

Lisa said...

Your new blue door looks fab, great colour.
Hope the bolier issue is sorted soon.
Like the throw on your sofa too.
Lisa x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Oh no! It is soo cold anyway without having no heating! We had a gritter lorry last night! Brrrr!

Your sofa looks so cosy and inviting!