Thursday, 3 March 2011

A Grand Day Out

Firstly thanks for all the advice about the KitchenAid, I have decided on the Red one!!!!
I think as you all said it is the right choice, who cares about practical & safe, definatly need the fun version.
Secondly, I am sat in front of the fire on the floor writing this post as the boiler has broken and the house is freezing!!!!
Thirdly let me tell you about our day out on Tuesday to Ardingly Antiques Fair.
We got up early, it was a chilly day so we wrapped up warm, and took a sceenic drive to Ardingly through the Sussex countryside.
The fair cost £20 each to get in, on the first day and £5 on the second. Unfortunatly we only had Tuesday off work so had to go on the first day. There were quite a lot of stalls outside braving the cold, and more in barns & marquees. But not as many as we though there would be from seeing it on TV.
We walked around all the stalls,but sadly didn't buy anything. Prices were quite steep & a lot of things were already sold. Some stalls were mesmerising.
Love these bright deck chairs, can't wait to get mine finally finished this summer.

Lot's of old french fruit crates on lots of stalls

This stall was a real eclectic mix, love the tricycle

Shabby Chic-ness & lots of it.

This old toy pram was just sat on it's own, looks much better with my name on it!

I loved this old herb chest but it was really quite decrepid and falling appart.
Would have been great in my sewing room.

There were lots of stalls from Europ, selling linen & glass but I have to say they were all quite expensive £10 for a kilner Jar!
I think I am spoilt working in the charity shop, with all my bargains.
I would say a great experience and we are glad we went, we just wish there had been more there we were looking for, we think the summer one might have more sellers due to better weather conditions.
We decidied at lunch time to head back towards Brighton and get some lunch.
We walked throught the south lanes to Jamie Olivers Resturant and had a fab lunch.
I have been before, (I think it was one of my first posts on my blog) but Gav had not been so it made a lovely birthday lunch for him.

The resturant is properly Jamiefied and you feel like you are sat in one of the kitchens you see him cooking in on TV,  we were sat right infront of this deli bar, the meats & Cheese on it looked soo good.
We were still pretty cold so I ordered a coffee and Gav had a birthday beer.

It was a lovely coffee and really warmed me up.

For lunch I chose a Bressola & rainbow beets Salad, which was huge and truly delishious.

(Wrong way round - naughty blogger)

Gav chose the Burger which was huge with all sorts of yummy fillings & Funky Fies.
Definatly a fab place for lunch, If your in Brighton I would definatly recomed a visit.
So our day out finished with some shopping & then home.
So the living room is a bit warmer now and hopefully we will survie the night!
Just please don't let it snow that would be the icing on the cake literlly!

Have a great weekend.

PS I think Blogger is having a funny five as the spell check is not working, so please excuse the bad spelling as I know there will be some in here!


Betty said...

Hi Sohpie I was so looking forward to your post about Ardingley as I am not far from there - but am shocked at the entry fee on first day - I think you're right - in the Summer you would get more stalls. I am thinking dealers get there early (and tv crews!) maybe even before it opens - how much were the fruit crates? I would have bought the lot. Looks like you had a great day out anyway. Love the pram - would make a good pic on your header - I am testing the water for a thrifty week and a swap at the end some time in April if you fancy joining in.

Lisa said...

Hope you get the boiler mended very soon, it's so chilly at the mo!
Shame you weren't able to find anything at the fair, but sounds like you had a great day out none the less.
Enjoy your weekend.
Lisa x

lemonade kitty said...

Phew £20 entrance fee is a bit steep isn't it, but it looks like you had fun despite everything being expensive. Your lovely lunch made up for it though, Lucey xx

Florence and Mary said...

Those deckchairs look great, if only I had a garden!

Victoria x