Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Silly Summer Cold

Hello All
Gosh sorry I've been away again, I've had one of those silly summer colds.
It completely wiped me out, I haven't felt that rubbish in ages.
But back to work today and I'm feeling a lot better.
Not much happening here at Chez Sophie due to the silly cold, but I did hear from my Fairytale swap partner in Australia today to say she had received her parcel. Not bad going really as I only posted it last Friday.
Royal mail really did do a good job this time, I forgot to take photo's, Sorry. But I will tell you what I sent Michelle.  
Michelle chose the Fairytale Sleeping Beauty, So I made her an eye mask & PJ Bag.
I sent her a book of spells, some slipper pumps, some pretty socks, pink beaded bracelet, sweets, pretty lace pieces for Michelle's craft projects & a fairy making book,
I'm a little late with my other swaps due to my silly summer cold, Boudoir Swap & Strawberry Swap nearly done and Vintage Vacation is a work in progress. 
I have decided not to do a shift at the CS this Saturday as I think I need a rest this weekend so Gav and I are going to spend the day together and hopefully we are going to visit a reclamations yard and go fruit picking at the farm then BBQ & a jug of Pimms me thinks. (fingers crossed the sun keeps shining)
So I am off now to visit you all as I have missed you.
Have a great rest of the week.


Lydia said...

Hello Sophie -

Catching up, after a break away from blogging. Sorry to hear about the cold. I thought you were planning to rest his weekend?- it sounds like you will be busy still. I think your work in the CS is fab - it really does help make a huge difference, (but I'm biased!)

I was saddened to read about your grandma.

Take care of yourself

Love Lydia

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Enjoy your strawberry picking weekend Sophie and have a good restful weekend. Have missed your cheery posts and CS window dressing peeks! glad you are better, Betty x

My Grannies Attic said...

Sorry to hear that you have not feeling yourself. Glad that you have picked up now though!!!

Have a restful weekend and enjoy your little trips.

Kerry xxxx

Lisa said...

Not matter what the time of year colds are a nuisance! Hope you are feeling better very soon and that you enjoy your weekend with Gav.
Lisa x
p.s word verif is atiousha, is that the noise you make when you sneeze?!

Margriet said...

Hi Sophie,
I'm sorry to hear about your cold. Hope you feel better now. I will send you the strawberryswap this week (I let you know when I've post it)! Have a nice day,


Nana Go-Go said...

Glad you`re on the mend Sophie. Two of my friends have had that cold and I`ve been steering clear of them this past week! I hate summer colds!Sounds like a busy weekend for you nevertheless. Take it easy.Oh, and I saw on tv last night an advert for half-price Pimms but I can`t remember which supermarket it was!

Isobel said...

Hi Sophie!
I think during the summer is the worst time to get a cold. I hope you are feeling a lot better today. And I also hope you have a fantastic weekend, it will be sunny and hot, be sure! :)
Take care. xxx

Bluebell said...

Hope you feel better soon!

I'm running a PIF giveaway which you might be interested in - take a look at my blog.

Kate x

Steph said...

Poor you! Summer colds are the worst!! Hope you are on the mend soon :)

The sewing room said...

So glad you are feeling better, your weekend sounds full of nice stuff just what you need to perk yourself up have a wonderfull time.

Hugs Pat

Shara said...

Hi Sophe - I hope you are feeling better very soon. I hd one of those summer colds a few weeks ago - not fun!

I am finishing up with your Vintage Vaction package and will have it in the mail early next week. I had fun puling thigs together and I hope you like some or all of it!

A Country Girl said...

Summer colds are horris aren't they? I have just had one too. Hope you feel better soon.