Sunday, 30 January 2011

Where did the weekend go?

Gosh, well that was a quick weekend!
Where do they go? Can you beleive we are in February on Tuesday.
I'm sure time gets faster the older you get!
Well anway lots to tell you, a Jam packed weekend in the Chez Sophie Household.
Saturday morning I was up with the lark to go and pick up this little baby from a lovely freecycler.

I have been after a little chesterfield style sofa for ages, I have been scouring ebay, the Friday ad & freecycle in the hope that someone had one at a reasonable price that they no longer wanted.
And then on Thursday a message popped into my inbox offering a small chesterfield sofa in need of some TLC for Free!
Well needles to say it is now mine, it does need some upholstery TLC but it is sound otherwise.
I have an upholstery lady coming round on Wednesday to see it and the wing backed chair we were given to give us a quote.
Hopefully it wont be too expensive!!!!
Then it will be beautiful.
I then went to work at the CS, where I got these beauties.

I have become quite taken with tea sets and these little odd cups and saucers are so pretty.

I made some Tea Cup candles for Christmas presents so I think I will be making more as they went down really well.
I also found this little perfume bottle which originally would have had a puff on it, but no matter it is cute without and will look lovely on the mantle in the spare room.

I also gathered together some pretty vintage linen which I will make into some little gifts for the birthday swap. Which may I say is going really well and is great fun, Thanks Laa Laa.

And lastly these little broaches had to come home with me as they sparkled soo nicely.

Last night we went out for Gav's work Christmas party bowling.
We attempted to go out for an early dinner at Pizza Express only to be turned away as they were full, as were Ask and all the other decent restaurants in town.
We ended up having a McDonalds!!!!
We were running out of time before the bowling started and needed food so needs must!
Not quite the romantic dinner a deux I had thought but better to have eaten than to have had a grumbling tummy all night.
So today has been a regular Sunday, Food Shop, House Work & Laundry.
I'm now sat in front of the fire relaxing, ready for the new week ahead.
Have a lovely week.


Dolly said...

If reupholstering is too costly you can always get slip covers.
They make them so much nicer these days!

Smiles, Dolly

clare said...

Congrats on your free recycle find..cant wait to see the end result!
Gorgeous CS the tea cups!

Clare@Weekend Crafter xx

Florence and Mary said...

Great sofa! Can't wait to see it when it's upholstered!

Love the brooches, I can never resist buying brooches whenever I see them!

Victoria xx

Betty said...

will be einteresting to see the remake on the chesterfield. What a find!

lemonade kitty said...

I've been thinking about making candles in cups for a while but havn't found just the right cup/saucer yet. Those three in the picture are very pretty, hope you don't mind me asking but do you sell your cups/candles?? Lucey xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Freecycle is great, I give stuff away all the time and once got a tin of old buttons of a lovely lady!

The china is gorgeous - the photo of them from abpve really shows the lovely colours.

Brooches = love!

Lisa said...

Another good reason to love Freecycle. Hope the quote works out ok for the new coverings.
You did get some really lovely bits in the CS, Those brooches are so pretty.
Lisa x

topchelseagirl said...

Love the sofa, it'll be a real beauty once done. Great CS finds too.

Emma said...

I got a quote for a wing back chair I bagged for a tenner to be recovered, it was very pricey, so I would love to see what you do with yours. Might give me an idea of what to do with mine. I fell in love with a chair that was in a Cath Kid shop, that was recovered in a patchwork of her fabric, If only I was clever enough to do that.
The tea cup is lovely.
Have a nice week.. Em x

Country Style Living said...

The chesterfield is a great find.... we had an old style suite recovered about 10 years ago and it was quite expensive, with our larger suite I went for loose covers, they wash really well! Look forward to the finished result

Sarah said...

Cant wait to see what the sofa looks like. The tea cups are so pretty, reminds me I must visit charity shops more often x

Pretty at Heart said...

Oooh, you'll have to let me know what the quote is for recovering the chesterfield!
We have two, which were previously my mum and dads. They are about 30 years old in all, but still have lots of life in them.
Its just that sometimes I wish they were a different colour - other than red! I looked into slipcovers but because mine are leather, this was not a solution.

Those charity shop finds are adorable! Maybe I should find time to volunteer in a charity shop, then I might be luckier than I seem to be at the moment. I never seem to go at the right time! lol!

Green thumb said...

Lovely CS finds as usual!
Can't wait to see your sofa after the makeover!

Kelly said...

What a great sofa! Such a lovely shape! It's going to look fantastic once its had a bit of TLC!

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

fab sofa and I love the china. That reminds me to list my old chsterfield on freecycle. I love it but can't afford to have it fixed and reupholstered as mine needs much more work than yours and I was quoted £800 x