Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Quote............

On Wednesday evening the lady came to quote for the reupholster of our wing back chair and the little chesterfield sofa I got last week. She was very nice and discussed all the options, told us that both pieces were in good sound condition and would not need any structural work, good.
I asked if she did the upholstery herself, to which she replied that she had people who did that for her!
I could see the pound signs going up as really she was just the middle man and would be taking a cut!
Considering I have the fabric for the chair a beautiful vintage linen, the chairs quote came in at over £500! & the sofa, well I'm sure you can imagine! £900+..........
So we will be getting a few more quotes from people who actually do the upholstery themselves.
We have also decided to try and re upholster the chair ourselves, we got a book for Christmas from Gav's Mum & Dad called "Mend It" In it there is a whole section about recovering & upholstering.
The chair was given to us so cost us nothing so why not give it a go I say.
Yesterday was manic, I was desperate to visit Gun Wharf Quays Outlet park in Portsmouth as CK has opened a shop there!!!

Yippeeeeeeeee, I was not disappointed. With at least 30% off everything it was a dream, I limited myself to a few little bits and I got Mothers day presents. I also go a fab coat in French connection, by Great Planes for £10 reduced from £100. That was my bargain of the day.
Then it was home to eat a quick bacon & egg brunch to then rush to the CS for my shift.
We were absolutely inundated with goods, the back room was soo full when I arrived I could barely see Linda sorting though it all. I got some more vintage fabric, a vintage handbag & 2 books one on lampshade making and one on curtain making. (sorry no pic's yet)
When I got home I was shattered, but the evening was not yet over.
We were baby sitting for a friend, the cutest little boy, nearly 2 years old.
It was great fun but I feel like I have done a days gardening, we were wiped out when his Mummy came to get him at 10pm.
Hats off to all those Mummy's & Daddy's out there, how do you do it!
Today we had a well deserved lie in, Food shopped & I will admit I had a nap on the sofa during the football this afternoon.
So the week starts again, and it's another busy one. Hopefully at some point I will get some crafting done.
Have a good one everyone, see you soon.


Lydia @ Twelve said...

Busy, but sounds all good....

Have a good week.


Ruby slippers said...

How fab to have a Chesterfield given to you!! I too would go for trying to upholster it yourselves, it's very expensive isn't it?

You will feel so proud to have done it yourselves.

I bought a second hand leather Chesterfield this week, I LOVE it to look at, but am not finding it as comfy as my old leather one, the arms are so high, and its very stiff!

I will have to get used to it thought to justify buying it! xx

Emma said...

Gosh, I thought my quote was bad, I was quoted £300 for a wingback chair that I paid a tenner for and thought no way I will find another way...x

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

You can cover them yourselves! I'm sure it will be fairly easy with a book to help you. Honestly I've seen other people doing just that and they look fine.

As for your babysitting exhaustion, your own kids are way easier most of the time. Honestly it's always harder looking after someone elses children. So funny that you had to have a sleep though!

Betty said...

I am certain you will do a great job of covering your chesterfield yourself - the only scary bit is probably buying/using such huge amounts of fabric. Ikea has this kind of stuff. If you look at furniture in showrooms closely you will find they use upholstery staples a lot - especially underneath and glue too - have a good look at some and get ideas for how yours will be put together. A massive staple gun and a glue gun is going to be cheaper than the bespoke upholsterer, that's for sure! Betty x

Florence and Mary said...

WOW sounds like a whirlwind weekend!

Good luck hunting out more quotes, I'll be interested to see the difference ones you receive and well done for deciding to give doing the chair yourselves!

Victoria xx

Country Style Living said...

I have covered a chair in the past although a long while ago, but the Mend it book is very easy to follow, I thought the sofa would be pricey, but not that much!! Good luck with your quotes and recovering

Kelly said...

What a lovely weekend!!
I thought the upholstering would cost a lot, stuff like that always does!! (we paid over £800 for curtains in the living room and bedroom! I think you are right about getting a person who does the work themselves and I'm sure you will be able to do the chair yourselves, just take your time :)

Lisa said...

Good grief that's a lot of dosh for a Freecycle sofa to get sorted!
Could you enquire at a local college to see if someone would like to do it as project for their upholstery course?
Thank you so much for telling us about the CK at Gun Wharf, it's only half an hour by train away from me!
Lisa x

Pretty at Heart said...

Wow that is expensive! Dont think I will be getting mine upholstered then! Maybe the red is not so bad after all!

Bargain of the day.............bargain of the year I would say!!

Might have to have a visit to Portsmouth at some point!!!

Country Girl said...

Can't say I'm surprsed at that quote having just had two chesterfields recovered - quite eye-wateringly expensive!