Thursday, 17 February 2011

Are you an Earth Lover? + A Giveaway

Tuesday saw me hopping on a train to London as
I was invited to a Press event with work.
 The Body Shop are launching a NEW range of Eco Conscious shower gels called
"Earth Lovers"

I have been working on this range for a while and I think they smell divine.
The event was at the Century Club Roof Terrace on Shaftsbury Avenue, & I must just tell you I got the bus from Victoria there on my own! The first time to get a bus in London on my own!
When I lived in London I always go the tube or walked, so I was feeling really proud of myself when I arrived.
The Shower Gels come in 6 beautiful fragrances that link back to nature through herbs.
Hence the herb wall display.

Lemongrass, Rosemary, Mint, Basil, Eucalyptus & Thyme as well as some lovely fruit smells like apricot &  fig.
They remind me of standing by my herb garden & brushing my hands over the leaves on a balmy summer evening.

The lovely Sophie Grigson was there to talk about herbs with the visitors, and we had a great chat about my garden and veg patch & of course cooking!
I had to have a picture of the 2 of us together.

There was also a wonderful chap called Donnachadh McCarthy who is an eco expert there to talk to about reducing the carbon footprint of your bathroom, with the aid of this fab eco display.

I never realised that you could reduce the carbon footprint of your bathroom by just painting it with eco paint, timing yourself in the shower & using LED lighting instead of halogen.
The Showergels are Eco Concious because they are 100% biodegadeable, contain NO Colourants, NO Parabens, NO Sulphates & each  flavour contains Community Fair Traded Aloe Vera from Guatemala
All in all it was a fab event, beautiful products & wonderfully useful information.

So I want to share the Eco Love with you by offering you the chance to win an Earth Lovers Shower Gel.
Just tell me what you do to be more eco conscious and what flavour you fancy trying and I will put all the names in a hat and pick one out and send you a yummy shower gel to try.

The flavours are 
Pear & Lemongrass - Warms & Stimulates
Fig & Rosemary - Warms & Invigorates
Cucumber & Mint - Refreshes & Uplifts
Apricot & Basil - Stimulates & Enlivens
Watermelon & Eucalyptus - Eases Stress & Boosts Energy
Lemon & Thyme - Energises & Revitalises

For a double chance of wining share the love and tell a blogger friend about this giveaway & let me know.

I will draw the giveaway on Sunday 27th Feb.

Soo glad it is Friday tomorrow, I have a busy weekend planned.
Have a great Friday


twannywun said...

I would love to try Watermelon & Eucalyptus - Eases Stress & Boosts Energy

I am being eco friendly by starting to grow my own vegetables and herbs, and only eating fruit and veg that is in season and local.

karen s
twannywun at hotmail dot com

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I love the idea of the rosemary and apricot blend! I am quite an eco warrior and never ever let any chocolate go to waste - I force myself to eat it as it is my duty to the environment ;-D ! Oh and I grow my own veg!!

Dolly said...

We compost and grow our own veggies and can anything and everything!
Use energy efficient light bulbs, water barrels and use no chemicals in our yarden!

I would love to try the earth friendly bath products....
watermelon and eucalyptus sounds good enough to eat! :-)


Caroline B said...

Ah, the watermelon & eucalyptus seem very popular....if that goes, I'd like the cucumber & mint.
I too grow a lot of my own veg, re-cycle as much as poss, make my own jams, & try to make everything in the house last as long as I can before replacing it.

swedishouse said...

LOOVE the picture of you both.
Now is she really small Sophie Grigson or are you really tall?
I LOVE your hairstyle btw.
These shower gels sound exciting.
I re-cycle, up-cycle, buy second-hand and we attempted to grown some veggies out here in Sweeden...such a short growing season. But we managed carrotts, lettuce & rocket...we will do better this year I hope.
Please enter me for your giveway
would be happy to receive anyone
I will blog about it
LOVE PEACE enJOY your busy weekend

Kandi said...

I was thinking the same as Julie about the photo of you and Sophie G, it's a lovely photo of you.
I fancy trying these the pear one sounds fantastic.
I try to be a bit eco friendly at home with filled bottles in the cisterns and I use old bathwater to water all the plants in the house ~ that's maybe why they always die on me!!?
Kandi x

gill said...

Please put us all out of our misery regarding your/SG's height!!!
I'd love to try any of these!!!
I'm heavily into composting!! I compost everything!

LissyLou said...

mmm yummy!!!
they all sound gorgeous - i really like the sound of pear and lemongrass.

I already use alot of eco products and love it when i find things i like that are preservative/parban free. We have quite an eco friendly lifestyle. We are veggies and use mainly fairtrade organic foods and products. We recycle and reuse and the boys always tell me to make sure i turn the tap of between toothbrushes!!!!!!

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Well, I will put you out of your misery re my hight.
I am 5 foot 11" and Sophie G is quite small. I did think after the phot was taken that I look like a gian, lol.
Glad you all like the sound of the fragrances.
Luv Sophie xxx

Betty said...

Hi Sophie - would love to try a shower thingy - any fragrance would be welcome, my shower experiences here at rather dull - 2 of 3 men who have sensitive skin means we use very basic unperfumed products as we share, oldest boy has eczma so uses oil based products on prescription - always lots of bath scrubbing to be done to avoid slip hazards lol! anyway - I rarely buy toiletries that arent shareable so this would be a real treat for me. (plus it's me birthday this week so another good reason to be lucky). lovely to see a pic of you - exactly as I imagined but thought you would have a long brown ponytail for some reason! Betty x

Alijane said...

Hi Sophie,

Please count me in your giveaway. I think the lemon and thyme would be right up my street. I try to be eco friendly as much as I can. I am a big recycler, love CS finds rather than buying new if I can, grow some of our own veg, compost and try not to waste food if at all possible.

I will recommend your giveaway and blog to my friend Julie - Peacock Blue also.

By the way, you are one very tall lady! I'm only 5ft 4inches and very jeleaous of your height.


VintageVicki said...

What a tempting list - they all sound rather lovely. I think though the Apricot & Basil appeals most of all.

I try to be green - recycling, composting, eco lightbulbs and most of all - I don't drive.

Thanks for your comment - and letting me know about this giveaway :)

Joeski said...

I think it would have to be cucumber and mint for me, it sounds lush.
Eco wise I grow lots of fruit and veg in my little veg patch and anywhere else I can find a space on my garden!! I also try and recycle, and all the other usual....
Thanks for entering me, xx