Sunday, 20 February 2011

Feeding the Fishies..............

Yesterday Gem & I got up really early for a Saturday (well early for me! 7am) and zoomed over to Brighton.
We had booked ourselves in for a Fish Pedicure.......

(Please excuse my horrid feet)

We got a voucher for it to be half price from the website Wahanda which is a beauty voucher site great for bargain spa treatments.
Anyho, it was a complete EXPERIENCE!
I was a little apprehensive about it but, it sounded like fun and it was.
The therapist first washed our feet and put special slippers on us.
We sat on raised benches with large fish tanks infront of us filled with fish called Garra Fish.
These little fish nibble the dead skin off your feet!
The nice thing is that they obviously understand that people will want to go with a friend so most of the tanks are in pairs.
We were then told to lower our feet at the same time into the tanks.
Well I was not as brave as Gem, and it took a little bit longer for me to go in.
It feels odd, it doesn't hurt its more of a tingle a bit like when your in a jacuzzi, and you sit by a jet.
We had a nice cuppa whilst we had the treatment
So 30 minutes later we took our feet out of the tank.
Dried them off, rubbed sweet almond oil into them, shoes & socks back on and off we went.
 We had decided to go to the wonderful Bills for breakfast first which was lovely.
I had eggs Benedict & an americano coffee, yummy.
My feet feel lovely & soft now.
Hope your having a lovely weekend.

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Pretty at Heart said...

Ooooh I couldn't even think about doing that! Just reading it made me shiver. Even when I am abroad and there are little fish swimming around, I try to keep my feet moving and not touch the bottom.

Betty said...

You were very brave - I would like to try this and am so surprised it is on offer in Brighton of all places! on various holidays abroad, it has been a natural event but I am way to scared. Hope your feet feel lovely. Betty x

Florence and Mary said...

I really want to get this done!!!

Victoria xx

Pink Milk said...

How exciting. I have heard of this but lovely to hear your experience first hand.

Got to wonder about those fish and their taste in food though!?! Bleurgh!


Kandi said...

There is one of these near me in the Metro Centre and I have been fancying trying it, I might give it a go!
Kandi x

bibbitybob said...

Fab! I fancy having a go at that, apparently there's a store opening locally soon so me and my Mum are going to head along. As Betty said, I've had a similar experience walking down a river in Spain and it was very tickley, not sure I'd have been able to stand it for 30 minutes! x

Bertie Meadows said...

Oh you are brave, I nearly did it once in Leeds but changed my mind at the last minute.

Bertie x

Lisa said...

I know a couple of people who have had this done an really enjoyed it.
Glad you enjoyed the experience too!
Lisa x

bad penny said...

Oh hubby & I are going to Brighton to see the Here & Now Tour in June so I might book this !
Your caption won my contest ! can you email me for a little thank you prize

LissyLou said...

eewww no no no, i couldn't do it!

Nearly there Claire said...

I think they'd need a lot more fish than that to sort my feet out! hee hee.
A pal has had it too and says how good it was, glad you had a lovely day. x

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

ooh I've wanted to try one of these pedicures but I'm not sure I'm brave enough x