Saturday, 28 August 2010

A wish for a Mixer!!!

As you may have seen in my post below I have fallen in love with a Mixer!!!
Don't worry Gav you still come first, but I am becoming slightly obsessed with the thought of a lovely new food mixer.
Now my ideal would be this

But sadly unless I win the lottery tonight I think it is a little out of my price range.
I also like the Kenwood mixers so maybe this one will be a little more realistic.

Not as retro looking but still a lovely mixer.

At the recent Vintage Festival, Kenwood had a pop up shop.
Late in the day on Saturday I popped along and bought 2 teatowls with vintage poster prints of mixers on them. They were being sold out of the back of the vintage kenwood van, which made it all the more special.
The girls also gave me some kenwood post cards which will look fab framed and hung in the kitchen.

I am currently watching a 1940's Kenwood chef on Ebay which is nearby but needs a little TLC.
Hopefully it will be affordable and may just become mine. 
Wish me luck.

So tell me about your preference kitchenaid or kenwood???

Have a lovely weekend 


KC'sCourt! said...

I wouldn't be without my Kenwood of twenty years, I nearly lost it when its little capacitor melted I was left with a smoked filled kitchen and a Kenwood in a coma, but my man who knows and does found me a new one and fitted it! Kenwood fit and well and back cake making!
Julie xxxxxx

Pea Green Kitty said...

Oooh its gorgeous! Good luck with the eBay one.
Only we could get so excited about kitchen appliances eh!

Lisa said...

Keeping my fiongers crossed for you getting your ebay bargain.
Are you going to put up the postcards?
Lisa x

TheMadHouse said...

I have been stalking kenwoods on e-bay for a long time! good luck

Halfpenny Home said...

I'm a Kenwood groupie. Up until I opened the studio last year I reckon I used it at least once a day - blender attachment is ace! My mum did say that she would get me a kitchen aid mixer but I'm happy with my Kenwood.
I'm also very proud of the fact that my pa used to sell them many years ago and can still remember the stock codes...the ice-cream maker is fab too! Nic x

Sarah said...

Personally I think you need that pink machine. Why not put a little away in a tin every week until you have enough? It sure would be worth it if it fulfils a dream of yours.

My friend just bought a red one and loves it. I think I'd get red too if I were that into baking, but that pink one is so sugary and pretty. Go on, you need it!

Ruby slippers said...

I have the Kenwood that you have pictured in red and I LOVE it, I won it on eaby in January for nearly half of the full price and it was new and unused! I think it's a FAB mixer, and looks very cool, just have to keep stopping my children from dumping all their knick knacks in the jug! Good luck with you bidding! x

Allie said...

It has to be the Kenwood, childhood memories!

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Oh I've been after a kenwood mixer for ages, tried to slip one in on our new kitchen budget but nothing escapes my Mr! He says we have to wait and see how we get on keeping everything else on budget first!

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

It has to be a KitchenAid all the way. I have a cream one and it is beloved. I think they are wonderful and it was the icing on the cake in marrying Hubby Biscuit that we used our gift vouchers to buy one. He didn't even take that much persuasion!
Ali xx

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

I've had my Kitchenaid probably 30 years now. Love it. Yes, they're spendy up front but you'll have it forever. We do a lot of baking, including bread, and this thing is great.

Lydia said...

I have a Kenwood - He's the other man in my marriage & I love him dearly. I think I chose a Kenwood, as I grew up baking with mums (which is still going strong, so have fab memories.

It also seems so very english!

Good luck with ebay, and whichever mixer you get - It's the cakes that count!


Michelle said...

I'm lusting for years after a kitchen aid ... I keep swaying from wanting a cream one to a bright red one but for now it's just lust. One day I'll have one ... who knows maybe I'll get them both :o) Good luck with ebay!

Kelly said...

I have A kenwood one it looks a bit more like the kitchen aid than the one you pictured! I think it was about £120 V has it in red and I have it in cream :) Really handy!!!
There is a cool plaque in BHS of a mixer with 'Mix it up' on it! I have it for my kitchen, would be perfect in yours too!!!

Country Style Living said...

Good Luck with the mixer on Ebay!