Saturday, 4 September 2010

Chaity Shop Withdrawal...............

I have had serious CS withdrawal this week as I didn't do my CS shift last weekend as my cousin was staying. So today I was super excited to get to work.
Now you might think this a bit odd but my favourite task in the CS (apart from dressing the window) is sorting in the clothes room. It can be a bit hideous when you get a yucky bag!!! Why oh why do people think we want their worn knickers I do not know!!! but when you get a good bag that you know you can hang almost everything in it, it's a fab feeling. 
Today I got some wonderful goodies.
Freda showed me this fab Le Creuset Cook Book Stand, I have been after a cookbook stand for ages so I knew this was going home with me today.

Especially as I also found this lurking on the book shelves in the shop.

Some yummy recipes in here, can't wait to try some out.

This lovely blue floral vintage biscuit tin had been put in the bin! so you guessed it it cam home with me too.

Looks nice on my kitchen shelf, don't you think?
My shopping didn't finish their, I also go 2 pairs of shoes.

These red ones are Spanish leather and soo soft and a perfect fit, we probably couldn't have sold them as there is quite a lot of wear on the soles.

These tan leather pumps also probably wouldn't have been sold as they have a slight mark on one shoe, and also have wear on the sole.
I know some people are funny about wearing other peoples shoes but I'm not.
I always give them a good clean and anti bac the insides, a little polish and voila.
I also fell in love with this beautiful pashmina, it's a green & gold paisley pattern.

I don't normally post pictures of myself but I thought you might like to see my new hair cut!!!
My final purchase was a white candlewick bed spread for my spare room.
So that when those naughty cats of mine manage to get in there for a snooze they won't leave hairs on the duvet cover. It s currently in the washing machine.

I hope you have had some lovely CS finds lately.

PS. I didn't get the Kenwood mixer on Ebay as it was broken!!!
So I'm still on the look out xxx


Bliss Knits said...

What a fab haul! Some gorgeous goodies there - the biscuit tin is my favourite. One man's junk is another man's treasure, as they say!

hapi-ness said...

Lovely finds :D I can imagine how exciting it is to work in a CS! I love having a good rummage through stuff :) like a treasure hunt!! I love the red shoes :D I don't mind a pair of second hand ones! Your hair looks lovely to :D you pretty lady!! xxxx

swedishouse said...

Helloooo Sophie

Didn;t you do well!
LOOVE those Red shoes!
Loving your new hairstyle too!
Have a lovely weekend

Kelly said...

Wow! Totally worth going to work today then!!!
Love the hair cut sweetie, you look fab!

Nana Go-Go said...

Ooh La La!Madamoiselle Sophie! Tres Chic new hairdo - love it. Also love all your goodies - especially the shoes - I usually clean the insides with methylated spirits - definitely kills any and all germs which may be lurking!

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

I like your hair, it looks easy to maintain and fun. How lovely your shoes are, a super find - I have a dodgy foot so rarely find anything in a CS that is comfy, always hopeful though, I went to Oxfam in Brighton with my friend last week and she bought half the shop!!! some lovely finds. Hope you wear rubber gloves when you put your hands in those bags - nickers are not nice!

Kissed by an Angel said...

What fab finds!!! I can see why you love working in the CS!! Love your hair too, looks gorgeous!

VintageVicki said...

Some excellent bargains :)

Hope I get as lucky as you - I am starting one afternoon each week in a local CS this Wednesday - can't wait.

Lisa said...

I'm missing mine too. During the 6 weeks I've only managed to 2 do weeks. Love the biscuit tin, I would have bought that home too!
Lisa X

charl said...

you have got some lovely things.. i love the shoes and the cookbook holder is fab.. would love to work in a charity shop.. think that would be my ideal job!! the new haircut.. im thinking about going for the big chop.. something similar to yours but im not sure yet eeek!!!

Blueberry Heart said...

loving that cook book stand! a fab ffind there!
BH x

topchelseagirl said...

Love the red shoes!

Green thumb said...

Oh please Sophie, pass me the number of your hairdresser, you look wonderful!
Love the tin!

Florence and Mary said...

Your hair looks fantastic!

Victoria xx

Country Style Living said...

Gosh! Didn't you do the recipe stand.