Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Capsule Collection

I was inspired today by an email I received today from Joules.
It had these Tweed Jackets featured on it.

I have to say I have been thinking a bout it all day & about how much I really like the look of Tweed.
Now Autumn is drawing in & I have managed to loose 19lbs I think I may deserve a few pieces to make an Autumn capsule collection.
Here are a few pieces I'm Loving at the moment.
We are off to New Your in less than a month, so I am saving myself for the shopping there!!!
But I really want a tweed blazer, I can't stretch to the Joules version so I had a thought.
I am going to get a Men's blazer from the CS and tweak and customise it.
Now I'm no seamstress so any ideas or tips let me know.


Kelly said...

Great choices!!
Well done on the weight loss!
I'd love you to pop over and join in my giveaway!

swedishouse said...

Helloo Sophie

Loving your choices
Tweed jacket ... wonderful...Mens CS, great idea...look forward to seeing your interpretation.
Well done for a fantastic weight loss and lucky you shopping in NYC!

Bluebell said...

No tips re the jacket but I'm interested to see how you get on with it. I also wanted to say congrats on the weightloss!


Louise said...

I've been lusting over the tweed in Joules too and also a lovely velvet one in Cath Kidston - but both beyond my finances!
Your post is really timely for me as I hacked up an old pair of tweed trousers last night to make shorts but that is about the extent of my stitching abilities.
You could try 'prettying' up a mens jacket with crochet flower brooches, vintage brooches, perhaps a big rose corsage or maybe applique to the lapels/pockets.

Lisa said...

I think keeping an eye out in the charity shop is a really good idea. Good luck in your quest!
Lisa x

Alijane said...

I also got the joules email, they have some lovely stuff.

I think your cs tweed jacket is a fab idea.

Make sure you show all when it's finished.


PS well done for loosing 19IB's. I've lost the 4IB put on whilst on holiday and another 1 so far. I'm "power" walking each day for half an hour and trying to eat a bit less and more sensibly.

fleur anglaise said...

I love the jacket too and the idea to restyle a man's jacket. If you need any help or tips there are lots of people on www.thesewingforum.co.uk who I'm sure could help. I would love to see a photo of the finished jacket. Lucky you having a trip to NYC, hope you have a great time.

Greedy Nan said...

Take a look at Cabbages and Roses to get ideas for the jacket.
Very envious of ANYONE losing weight as it is a H-U-G-E problem for me.