Wednesday, 29 September 2010

New York Here We Come........................

Well on Monday I will be on a plane to here.

And I need your help!!!

Please can you wonderful people give me your top tips, favourite places to visit & eat.

I haven't been for 10 years and things must have changed!!!

Big thanks, Have a great rest of the week.


P.S I'm hoping to get some nice goodies for a NY inspired giveaway on my return to share my holiday with you all xxxxxxx


Pink Milk said...

I've never been so can't offer any recommendations but do hope you have a super time!


Pea Green Kitty said...

oooh lucky you!
We were ther exactly a year ago, Autumn is a lovely time to visit.
I would definatley reccomend a Pizza restraunt called Lombardi's in the Tribeca district or a traditional American diner called Tick Tock Diner which is opposite Madison Square Gardens stadium just a few blocks away from Macy's and the Empire state.
Oh and if you are doing the whole tourist thing, the hop on/off city sightseeing bus is fab!! We used is as a taxi aswell as tour bus.
Have fun!! x

Christy said...

Three places:
1. China Town on Canal Street
2. Carmine's Restaurant, they have several in NY.
3. See the Brooklyn Bridge and walk it. If you get to the other side visit Jacques Torres, Chocolatier on Water Street. They serve a Wicked Hot Chocolate, that's the name, it has a little chile in, like Chocolate the movie; may just be cool enough to enjoy one.

Lil Bit Brit

Christy said...

Oh! Forgot to say, have a great time.


Emma said...

Have a wonderful time...x

Mrs Yappy Dog said...

Have a wonderful time Sophie. xxx

Debbie said...

Sadly, I never been... although I would LOVE TO GO... one day!
Please, take lots of photos to share with us all!


VintageVicki said...

No tips - have never been :(

But enjoy yourself :) Am sure you'll have a wonderful time - make sure you melt that plastic ;)

TCake said...

Hiya Sophie, so envious that you are going, I'm not there until Christmas eve. I haveral several posts from last year on my blog (there is a New York link on my sidebar) I hope that it helps will try & email you a list. Have a fantastic time. Txx

Nana Go-Go said...

No need to tell you to have a wonderful time - you will!Enjoy.x

Green thumb said...

Hello Sophie! Have fun!

Kelly said...

Ooohhh lucky girl!! Have a fab time!

Tick Tock Diner is great as is Ellen's Stardust Diner (the waiters and waitresses sing rock n roll)
And for shopping go to the Woodbury Common premium outlets mall outside the city. If you go down to port authority bus garage in the morning you will find people in red sweatshirts selling the tickets, you can then get a bus to the outlet and they return at regular intervals xxx
You can look online at the shop directory to check you want to go first but will be great for xmas shopping and then you will know what you want to buy full price in NYC xxxxx
Have fun!!!

Florence and Mary said...

So excited (and jealous!) for you!! Drop me an email and let me know what sort of things you're after doing and I'll give you some hints and tips from my trips!

I second everyone else with Tick Tock Diner - I went there in April!

Oh and have a walk through Central Park (on a Saturday if you can!) it's amazing and so "New York" watching people jogging through the park.

Victoria xx

Sarah said...

How exciting, ive always wanted to go. Have a fantastic time xx

Country Girl said...

No tips from as I have never been but HAVE FUN!!!

Lisa said...

Never been so can't help, but I do wish you a fabulous time!
Lisa x

marian said...

ooohhhh i LOVE New York!! i was there in May 09 and my fav shop was the Button Shop near central park, you gotta check it out! have FUNNNNN!! x

Amy said...

Have fun! I went a few months ago and the best part of my trip was a food tour of Greenwich Village. It's definatley worth a look as it's not very touristey, has lots of beautiful architecture and the food places are amazing because their main customers are locals and a few A list stars x