Thursday, 9 September 2010

To join the WI or not to join the WI, that is the Question.....

Tonight I went on a little mission to my local WI group!!!
I have to say I was a little nervous about what to expect.
I have been interested in joining the WI for a while & I have looked the WI up on the Internet before to find a local group, but there never seemed to be a date, place or time to go along. So when our local area news letter came through the door a couple of weeks ago with a piece in the What On section I thought I would give it a go.
I get ready tonight, and said good buy to Gav with no idea what time I would be home or what I was really letting myself into!
I arrived at the local village hall, to a lovely welcome from a WI member Jean.
We all took our seats and the president banged a gravel on the desk and called order.
Yes you guessed it we then sang Jerusalem!!
Well I don't know the words so I stood and listened.
Well what more can I say, there is always a speaker and we have tea, a raffle and a mini exhibition of some sort. There are clubs I can join, book club, craft club, badminton & the Specials.
I think I will be going next month as I think it could be quite a giggle.
Oh last thing to say I was I was the youngest in the room!!!


Kelly said...

I have always wanted to do somethign like that but I'm really bad abd would no doubt get bored :)
Good on you hun!!Carefull they will have you doing nuddy calendars!!
I am having a giveaway over at my blog, would love for you to come join in!

LaaLaa said...

Yes, Sophie, join! I used to be a member of the local WI when I lived in Winchester and I loved it. I moved here (Sutton Coldfield) and couldn't find a WI so I joined the embroiderer'd guild and they were so unwelcoming and unfriendly. I'm of to have another look for a WI group. Let us know how you get on. Lynda xx

Sarah said...

In my villlage they are doing a WI lite for younger ladies. Im going along on the 30th. Really excited. Good luck xx

Scrumptious Treats said...

I think it's brill, i'd love to join something like that... i usually get on better with older people rather than people my age.

Hope you enjoy it xx

carol at home said...

Well done for giving it a go

Toby Tea Cozy said...

Brave lady walking into the unknown! I like the idea of it and there's a young WI branch near me but I haven't plucked up the courage yet!

Florence and Mary said...

Like Kel said I've always thought about going along, can't wait to hear more about your visits!

Victoria xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Well done you!! Enjoy!!! I don't want to see photos of you in the nude though!!!

Nana Go-Go said...

What a coincidence, Sophie, I was just thinking about joining our local WI....but my sister said `You might be ready for them but are they ready for YOU?`!Oh, I`m sure we`ll all get along famously. What`s also interesting is that if there is no group in your area, you can actually start your own. Their website gives you all the details on how to go about it.

Katie Jones said...

I have been thinking about joining the WI for quite a while now but just never got around to it...well you have just inspired me to e-mail my local group to find out when their next meeting is! Can't wait!

bad penny said...

Ha ! I think I'd go just to sing Jerusalem again ( we used to sing it on the last day of school term )
There is so much going on in my village that I've never thought of joining but you know what ? seeing the ladies in "Calender girls" do T'ai Chi inspired me to try and... I've been doing it for over three years !
Have fun xx

Lisa said...

Good for you, never know what something is going to be like until you try it!
And who you might meet.
Lisa x

Country Girl said...

I have to say rather you than me but my village WI has an average age of about 70!

Alijane said...

Oh well done you for going along. I have always fancied it but fear they will all be old and we will have nothing in common. Blimey how ageist does that make me!

I'm tempted to have a nosey at one of the meetings now.


Rubyred said...

Well Done you!I think about it and then put it off!
Have a great week!
Rachel x

Serendipitychild said...

Wow so cool that you went to WI, I want to join, do they take 27 year olds?

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Thank you for entering my giveaway. I threw the Sophie-notes in the big bowl, Fingers crossed!
Have a lovely Sunday evening and a happy week. xx