Sunday, 2 August 2009

So Much To Say

Ohh it's lovely to be back blogging, It feels like I've been away an age not just a week.

Well I'm back from Mum & Dad's in Suffolk. Nanna's Funeral was sad but lovely at the same time. We had a beautiful service, my Sister Livy & Cousin Lucy both gave readings.
Livy read a poem she had written about Nanna when she was 12 (now 23) and Lucy read a reading called "She Has Gone" By David Harkins, which was read at the Queen Mothers Funeral.
If it's good enough for the QM then it's defiantly good enough for our Nanna!
The poem Livy read was so beautiful I had to share it with you.

My Nanna

When we read books in bed
And built sandcastles on the beach
You would comb my hair
Sun cream the skin I couldn't reach

Your love is unconditional
I love you with all my heart
Every postcard written
You checked it from the start

Humbugs and Jelly Babies
Line the handbags that you'd hold
Hankies and five pence piece's
I treasure them like gold

I miss those magic moments
When it was you and m
Playing your old piano
Drinking cups of tea

Your soft cuddly nightie
The way you wear your hair
Playing in the garden
I'm sorry your not there

Nanna you're like the sunshine
And with every second gone
I realise you meant so much to me
Not just to me, but to everyone
By Livy
So after the funeral we went back to my Auntie Sue's house and had a wonderful Garden Party with family & friends, and all Nanna's favourite foods and drinks. It was a long day, and she would have loved the party and I sure she was there in some sort of way!

So I have loads more to tell you!!!

I got an message from Kate at One Flew Over, and I have won her Pink Giveaway!! All the way from New Zealand. I am very excited as the giveaway was a beautiful bundle of Pink fabric, which I will endeavour to make something special with.

Thanks Kate, can't wait for the parcel to arrive.

Also a just to remind you that my giveaway closes on Tuesday 4th August and Gem will be drawing the winner on Wednesday 5th August.
I did manage to go to my fav fabric shop at Mum and Dads and I have added so pretty fabric and lace to the parcel & a few more treasures too.
I also found this great little Vintage shop whilst running errands for Mum, but that will have to wait for another day as I am shattered, and need my own bed.
Have a fabby week and keep smiling.
Sophie xxxx


Florence and Mary said...

Hi Sophie,

Pleased to hear everything went well for your Nanna's funeral,

Victoria xx

What makes you happy? said...

It sounds as though your Nanna's funeral went well and although a sad occasion also a celebration of a wonderful life.

Mrs D's Recipes For Life said...

Hey Sophie x
Lovely to have you back :)
Glad everything went well with your Nanna's funeral.
What a lovely poem your sister wrote, how sweet that it was kept all these years xx
Lots of love

Kelly xxxx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Glad everything went as these things can do. Its nice when you can make these things into a celebration of life. Lovely poem your sister had written, and kept for all that time.

Wow you are on a roll with your giveaway wins. Well done you.

Glad to see you back in blogland.


Elise said...

good to read your blog - thanks

Pomona said...

Well done with your win - you were obviously born under a lucky star!

Pomona x

Bluebell said...

Good to see you back. That's a lovely poem. Sounds as though the funeral went well (or as well as can be expected in such circumstances). Well done with the competition win! x

bubblegarm said...

beautiful poem and those fabrics look divine xx

bubblegarm said...

I have tagged you in my most recent post!

Rubyred said...

Hi Sophie,
such a lovely poem, Sounds like you gave your Nanna a lovvely send off.My Nan died 14 years ago last week, I can still remember the feel of her lovely soft cheeks when I think about her!
Rachel x

Funeral Readings Guru said...

I'm pleased to hear that everything went well at the funeral. Poem that your sister wrote is so lovely. By the way really nice blog.

Funeral Readings said...

That poem is beautiful. I'm sure it was a great memorial to your nanna.