Wednesday, 5 August 2009

And the Winner is.......................

Well I have totted up the names, made a list, cut and folded each name and put all the names in a cake tin.
Gem gave it a shake

And then Plucked a winner

And the Winner of my Giveaway is ....................

Victoria of Florence & Mary

Congratulations Victoria, I hope you enjoy your goodies.

Thanks to everyone who entered.

Love Sophie xxxxxxxxx


Michela said...

congratulations to Victoria! :)

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Oh well done Victoria! I am sure you will enjoy all those lovely goodies.


Florence and Mary said...

Yay me!!!

Thank you Sophie, what great news!

Do you want to send me an email to which I can reply to with my address rather than doing it in the comments?

Victoria xx

Ticking stripes said...

Just discovered your lovely blog. Thanks for the rhubarb jam recipe - I've been wanting one that somebody had tried themselves!
Love Wend

One Flew Over said...

So VERY pleased you liked the fabric!! Looking forward to seeing what you create! And thank you for the blog award x