Sunday, 9 August 2009

Time Flys When Your Having Fun.........

It's been a busy one AGAIN!

Why do I do it to myself!

Think Sophie...... Because I like to be busy!!!!

Weekend To Do List

  1. Post Giveaway - Check
  2. Shop for wedding outfit - Check
  3. Help Gem pick up Hen Night stuff - Check
  4. Go Black Berry Picking - Check
  5. House Work - Check
  6. Have a Nap - Check
  7. Go To Hen Night -Check
  8. Sunday - Visit Gav's Parents - Check
  9. Food Shopping - Check
  10. RELAX

Saturday morning and there was a thud on the door mat, and what did I find?
A lovely parcel all the way from Australia from Kate at One Flew Over.

I won her giveaway, a beautiful bundle of fabric, with truly inspiring patterns.

So today I decided was the day to get out my trusty old sewing machine, It's older than me!!

My Mum bought it when she was pregnant with me, she had inspirations of making me clothes, curtains etc. I got the bug for sewing at school, I loved my textiles classes and could always be found in the sewing room at every spare moment. I took it as a GCSE, An A level and studied it during my art foundation year at art college. So I shouldn't be nervous but I am!!

I dusted it off and put it out, in the pink room next to my crafty cupboard on the collapsible sewing table I got from freecycle.
I haven't sewn for a while as I haven't felt very creative in the last 6 months. Work has been stressful and I find it difficult to be creative when I have other things on my mind.

I had been looking for inspiration and found this wonderful blog Freebies for Crafters that lists all the blogs which are offering free crafty tutorials. I wanted to make something with my beautiful fabric so I decided to make a Pin Wheel Pin Cushion, to show them all off, I got the tutorial from Quiltsalott.

I have lost my old faithful pin cushion, and although a friend bought me the CK flower pot one as I gift I cant bear to put pins in it!

So I got started and cut out the fabrics as directed, and then sewed the 8ths together. Added the side panel and filled it with Wadding ( I should have used toy stuffing but didn't have any so improvised). I then sewed up the hole and added a button in the centre on either side.

Ohh I also sewed the ribbon that Kate had tied the fabric bundle up in around the side panel of the pin cushion.

It's not perfect by a long shot, but I think I will have a go at making some more as I have plenty of 8ths left over and only practice will make perfect.

So here below is my first attempt at a Pin Wheel Pin Cushion.

I have found so many lovely things to make now that I'm sure I will be sharing more with you over time.

Have a lovely week, Lets hope the sun keeps shining.

Love Sophie xxx


Krystallia said...

OMG looks so cute!!Really beautiful,i wish i knew anything about sewing or have the imagination to creat little things :))

Florence and Mary said...

Oh I love these pinwheel cushions - yours looks great!

Victoria x

Pomona said...

Lovely pincushion - and hope this week is a bit less hectic!

Pomona x

Magpie Magic said...

Love the fabrics and the way you've combined them in the pinwheel cushion. I can't sew to save my life (just don't have the patience) however, it looks perfect to me and I specially love the ribbon around the outside. Adds something special. You should sell those.

bubblegarm said...

It looks gorgeous!

Ashley said...

Amazingly it has just struck me that I do not have a pincushion. I love yours!

Duchess of Tea said...

Lovely pin cushions darling, I simply love your blog. You post fantastic posts. Have a lovely day.

Duchess xx

Debbies-English-Treasures said...


Floss said...

That's really good, Sophie! I wonder if I would dare...

I have recently hauled out my grandma's old machine for sewing straight lines, but I really hate following patterns and being accurate, so something like your pin cushion would be a real challenge for me.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hi Sophie, thanks so much for stopping by my Blog. You are so good, my sewing is so untidy! I am not competent to even attempt a pinwheel cushion!!!! tee hee, I am still trying to remember how to crochet!
Sarah x

Florence and Mary said...

Sophie my giveaway arrived the other night, I was amazed by everything and the care you'd taken to wrap everything. My mum sat with me watching everything and couldn't believe your generiousity. Thank you so much

Victoria xxx