Monday, 31 August 2009

Don't Stop or you will Fall Off...........

So sorry I have neglected blogging this last 8 days (feel bad!) but If I said I have felt like a hamster in one of those hamster wheels, and that I just had to keep running because if I stopped I knew I would fall off, would you understand?

The last week at work has been extremely busy and although the weekend finally came, I had wedding make up to do on Saturday and then Gav and I attended the wedding, which was wonderful.
Congratulations Pete & Nicola xxx

Which meant when I finally stopped on Sunday morning (fell off the wheel) I felt awful & soo tired, generally rubbish! I did nothing all day except food shopping as the fridge was looking horridly bear (never really to be know in the Chez Sophie Household) and general lazy day stuff.

So today I had a new spring in my step as I was recuperated and ready for action.

I got up early and went to a CB, a few bits and bobs nothing to shout about really. Buttons, Famous five books and a couple of tea cups. People ask so much for stuff these days you would think they were antiques or something.

Anyway I digress.......... I then cooked a Full English for Gemma and myself to re fuel, went to the in laws to help with some DIY, popped to the super market again!! Jam sugar needed as now had an excess of fruit from the MIL.

Came home picked Blackberry's and then attempted to make Apricot & Nectarine Jam, well that didn't really go to plan.

So I was following a recipe for Apricot jam and thought that substituting Apricots for Nectarines (as I didn't have enough Apricots to make all Apricot) would be OK,

Figured out after Jam would not set that I need to add less sugar for Nectarines!! So added more Nectarines and Raspberry's to combat the situation as I had no pectin and no apples for some strange reason. Seems to be setting a bit now but still quite runny.

Gav is calling it a compote!!
I'm thinking of it as a learning curve and will be investigating actual Nectarine Jam recipes before I attempt it again.
Will be nice on french bread though, bring on breakfast!!
Hope you have all had wonderful Bank Holiday weekends, hopefully I wont be on that wheel again this week too!!

Love Sophie xxxx


Simone said...

Busy busy!!

Love the jam/compote photos, what a lovely colour.

Enjoyed reading your post :)

PS Thanks so much for the reply you sent about the cabinet....very kind of you :)

claire said...

I've been jam making too this weekend - just blackberry and apple but (ssh don't tell!!!) I had to reboil as it was really runny, but last years jam and this years cherry effort was a bit too set so I wanted a soft set, really must invest in a thermometer....but I tend to wing it a bit with jam....less sugar etc!!
nectarine, apricot and raspberry sounds yummy btw!!
Hope you manage to stay off that wheel xx

Florence and Mary said...

Hi Sophie, sorry to hear you've been so busy.

You're so right about the car boot sales at the moment, I'm hoping for better luck this weekend! Fingers crossed.

Victoria x

Elise said...

Hello, what a beautiful blog you have here ! I just had to leave a note for you - I've really enjoyed looking through your posts and pictures. They are all very interesting and creative. Best wishes and thank you...

The sewing room said...

I have,nt done jam yet, just one more thing to try, you talented and busy bloggers put me to shame l keep saying next year.Have a good week hugs Pat

Kelly said...

I thought it was just me that got waylaid! ha ha xxx
I'm glad things have settled down for you now it can all get overwhelming at times :)
Are you going to the CL fair?
There seems to be quite a group forming would be brilliant if you could :)
Oh and the jam looks really nice I think sometimes it can be nicer if it's runnier!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

Margie said...

Hey Sophie, your week sounded hectic, so busy, take care this week. I hate when Jam wont set,it still tastes great on fresh bread, but there are some interesting ways of using up the runny jam, as a dip for carrots and apples, or combining it with vinegar and olive oil to make a dressing for salads, I even like to add it to sandwiches of brie or cottage cheese (I know weird tastes. Hugs, Margie.

MelMel said...

You have been busy, wow, I feel really lazy!

your so right about CB......the prices are getting silly!x