Saturday, 22 August 2009

New Books

New Books!!!

Lovely new books.

Is it silly to get excited about new cook books!!!

No don't be silly Sophie, new cook books means lots more cooking to do.

So I finally got Nigella's Christmas - really wanted it last Christmas but every where I went it was sold out. So this year I decided to get it early to miss the rush & disappointment.
I also got the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook which looks Divine and I just want to make all the goodies in it straight away!!
And Veg Patch which is the River Cottage Handbook 4, really great info for my Veg patch adventures.

So all in all a good selection of books, still have more on my list though "Handmade" being at the top.

So have a lovely weekend Sophie xxxx


Florence and Mary said...

Nigella Christmas is the greatest book ever... makes me want to pull my copy out and start planning some feasts!

Victoria xx

vintagelaundress said...

I love Nigella, she's the best. I'm coveting your books, even though I'm not a cook - burnt oven mitt with a side of "my gag reflex isn't what it used to be" being my specialties. I'm so glad to have found your blog.

bekimarie said...

Two of my favourite books, great recipes in both. Another favourite of mine is 'Apples for jam'.
There's something so exciting abour cookery books, it's so good to find like minded people. My friends look at me like i'm a little crazy at times 'hehe'!
Beki xxx