Sunday, 12 July 2009

Kitchen Make Over

I love to cook and am always in our kitchen. My kitchen however is in desperate need of renovation but at the moment the best I can do is a make over!! The kitchen I out of the 70's with red tile brick flooring and red tiling on the walls, mottled beige melemine door fronts and cream spanish style artex on the walls!!
I have decided that I can cope with the red floor & wall tiles and that white and blue will make a good combination with the red, white walls and red and blue accessories. I am going to use the phrase "Keep Calm and Carry On" as my kitchen inspiration and I am going to buy the poster to put up when the make over is finished. I am also thinking that a union jack and some red & white gingham might look good in there.

So yeasterday late in the afternoon Gav and I set to work on the grand make over.
(Note not a 60 minute one!!)
I cleared the shelves & surfaces, all my cookbooks, vases and jars are now on the dining room table!! I the started to wash down the walls with cleaning spray to make sure the paint would take. We took down the shelves that could be taken down!! I have 2 pine dressere tops on the walls in the kitchen, which the previous owner had put up, We thought they would unscrew from the wall but they are artexed to the walls!! strange 70's obsession artex.

So they were left in situe and I washed them down. Gav painted untill at least 11pm when he finally fell into his chair. We were pleased with the progress we had made and planned to go out and get new ceiling light's today.
So off we went this morning, and we got some nice crome lights with great halogen spots in them, fab for highlighting my finds on the dresser tops. I also found an end of bath pannel which I am going to use to make a chalk bord as I saw Joan make on anything goes here. We came home and started painting again, Gav the walls and me the dresser tops. I have undercoated them today and will put a coat of White Satin Wood on them tomorrow. I also painted a long pine shelf that will hold my collection of cookbooks.
The kitchen is looking so much brighter, and bigger. We are off work tomorrow and Tuesday so we will hopefully have it finished before we go back to work on Wednesday.
I will post finished phots when my make over is compeat.
Have a lovely week, and remember Keep Calm And Carry On xxxx


Florence and Mary said...

Wow you have been busy, I can't wait to see what the end result looks like.

My parents are in the middle of a kitchen re-do and it's like a building site!

Victoria xx

Magpie Magic said...

Even a makeover will make such a difference. My kitchen is in the same state and I painted it and made it over, but that was quite some time ago. You've inspired me to look at it again and do something about it. :-)

Michela said...

I'm really curious...
Have a lovely week!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Oooh i love a make over (particularly when I havent had to do the hard graft! lol) Cant wait to see the end result. sounds like it will be fab.

I am yearning to makeover our dinning room. But I think funds are telling me it might have to wait. Boo.


Duchess of Tea said...

I came over for a visit and I don't want to leave. You have a fascinating site with interesting posts and lovely photos. I had to sign as a follower and will place a link on my blog to yours through my beau-TEA-ful blogs so that more people will discover this gem of a blog. If you get a chance stop by my cottage and please join my followers too.
I will be back
Duchess xx