Monday, 13 July 2009

Kitchen Make Over Continued................

What a lovely sunny day to be off work with my man.
We decided that it was just too nice to start painting the kitchen first thing so we popped out for more painting supplies. On the way I dragged him to the CS down the road, I found some lovely old opera glasses for £4 bargain, and some building blocks with words on them in a wooden tray - going to put them up in the kitchen so we can leave messages for each other!!
So off to TP for the painting supplies, paint in the car but it's still too nice to go home and paint so we went to the Pick Your Own farm. The raspberry's weren't quite ready last time we went so I was on a mission to get some, more Jam is needed! The Strawberry Jam I made a couple of weekends ago has been in high demand and we are now getting low on it. If anyone has any recipes for raspberry jam let me know as I'm not sure what to do about the seeds!!! Seeds or no seeds, that is the question!!!!!

Well we picked a large punnet load, they are Delicious and it was lucky we hadn't had breakfast as we were able to pick our own and eat it as we picked the fruit!! Naughty Naughty.

We also went looking for strawberry's but after the bad weather last week there weren't any decent ones left so we opted for Beetroot instead. I know it's not quite the same as strawberry's but I do have an obsession for it, all my life I have loved beetroot. My mum tells a story that while she was pregnant with me all she wanted to eat was M&S baby beetroots, I think she got
me addicted in the womb!!!
Ohh and we picked broad beans.
Well I have digressed, we then came home via the CS so I could show Gav a fire guard I had seen in there in the morning and we bought it. Is desperately needed for the new bigger fireplace so the kittens (one next month) don't get too near to the fire.
Homeward bound, we ate lunch and then set to work on the Kitchen Make over part 2.
I gave the dresser tops a coat of white satin wood and Gav finished the walls and ceilings.
I also gave the shelf a coat of White satin wood ready for it to go up tomorrow for the cook books.
Painting done, and I was on a mission!!! I decided to have a clear out of the kitchen cupboards, 2 boxes for CS later and I scrubbing the doors, changing the extractor filter and cleaning the cooker, OMG I think I was high on the paint and kitchen cleaner because I kept going until 9pm tonight. Well I'm showered and ready for bed. Doesn't time fly when your having fun!!
I hope you like the photos of my trip out today, hopefully finished Kitchen Pics tomorrow.
Night Night xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Michela said...

..Sorry! No raspberry jam recipe!
In case next time you'll find some decent strawberries, I've got the strawberry mousse recipe!

The sewing room said...

All that in one day you put me to shame,this warm weather is tireing me out wish l had some of your energy,can't wait to see end results it sounds great,l think you leave the pips in if thats any help,


Mrs D's Recipes For Life said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day out :)
Am so looking forward to the kitchen pictures its all very exciting!
Your kitchen posts inspired me to share some pictures of my craft room. Come over and have a look :)

'see' you soon!

Kelly xxx