Saturday, 11 July 2009

Saturday Shopping

Charity Shopping, Clothing Sale shopping & Jumble Sale Shopping.
All on my list today.
We started (Gem and I) at 9am with a trip to one of our local parades of shops with 5 CS on it.
Only one find "The Green Beauty Bible", some light reading for me!!
Then we went to a Clothing sale called "Wardrobe Goldmine", it is a clothing sale run by mums in the local area. You buy a pack of 10 or 25 labels and then label up any unwanted clothes with the price you want to get for the items, the size etc. You take them along to the sale and they are sold. You then get 70% of what the clothes are sold for. It's a great way to recycle clothes that are too good to be thrown away, and somebody else gets to enjoy your clothes. I didn't buy anything this time but Gem got a fab pair of red penitent shoes. I bought in to the 25 label pack for the next sale in September, as I am due a clear out and this will be a great way of doing it. I have to say I have gone off selling on EBay of late.
The Mum's from the sale also run a group called Mum's Marketplace, that holds Crafts and Gift fairs in the local area, I'm defiantly going to try and go along to one.
We then set off to a Scout Jumble sale, I like to support the local community and if I can do that with thrifting it's a bonus. I got a vintage children's book only 20p.
It had been raining all morning, and I have to say we were pretty soggy by the time we had finished out shopping so home for a nice cuppa.
Sorry no photos today, such horrid weather will post some tomorrow if the weather brightens up xx


The sewing room said...

What a great idea we used to do something like that at a local nursery where we lived years ago and l got rid of out grown kids clothes and some money to buy new ones loooooooooove to recycle,l have not heard of many jumble sales for years l think the been they have been taken over by car boots.

have a great week hugs Pat

Florence and Mary said...

I've gone off eBay myself lately, it seems to be targetting itself more of an online business than somewhere the "man on the street" could earn some extra cash for unwanted items.

I seem to do more boot sales these days - it's much easier!

Victoria xxx