Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Kichen Make Over DONE!!!!

Well thank goodness that is over.
I think I have been high the past few days on paint & cleaning product fumes!!!
The Kitchen Make Over is finished and I am now a happy bunnie.
All the walls & ceiling have been double coated in Brilliant White paint, lovely and fresh.
The dresser tops have been painted white and dressed with my finds, and the Cook book shelf is up after another trip to the DIY store, when did brackets get so expensive!!
I have scrubbed all the cupboards, all the tiles, the floor, the oven even mad Gav remove the inside of the oven doors and anything else that needed scrubbing has been. There has been one trip to the CS this morning with stuff I no longer need and I have 3 more boxes of stuff to go tomorrow.
So here is the grand reveal...............

We have a long galley kitchen so I have focused on one end as this is the more decorative end, less kitchen appliances
Pretty Bule & White plant pot & plant 99p reduced in Co-op yesterday all it needed was some water...This is my bargain of the day, I stopped at the local CS on my way back from the garage and spotted this as I walked through the door £5.00.
My Jamie Oliver Jars full of ingredients, Jamie @ Home party on Thursday can't wait!

My Oxo tin - Friday's Find

My cook books finally have a home
And finally my Glass collection

So this is my kitchen, I hope you enjoyed the journey over the last few days.
Thanks for all the comments and support.

Sophie xxxxx


Susannah said...

It looks great! - well done. :-)

Michela said...

Fabby kitchenalia!

Mummy Boo Bear said...

love your kitchen makeover! it looks lovely and bright. and I love your open cabinets and book shelf. I bet you felt really proud (and tired) after you had finished. but its always a good feeling getting things in order in your home!

Thank for sharing your makeover journey with us, its been great.


Florence and Mary said...

Your kitchen looks great, your hard work shows. It's so clean and fresh now.

Victoria xx

Mrs D's Recipes For Life said...

Looks great! Love the dresser tops they look really nice with all your lovely stuff :)
I'm slightly envious of the frames you found too xxxx


Kelly xxx

JamaGenie said...

Your "new" kitchen looks lovely. So bright and fresh. Love the open shelves that allow you to show off pretty things!