Saturday, 4 July 2009

Jamie at Home

Ohhhhhhhhhh what an exciting day!!
I picked up my Jamie at Home goodies today.

I went to a Jamie at home party a few weeks ago and it was fab. So fab I am having my own party in a couple of weeks.

It was great fun, you watch a DVD of Jamie Oliver cooking an exclusive recipe, you take part in a quiz where you can win Jamie Oliver prizes. Me being a geeky cook won the prize at the party I went to, a cool spaghetti portion measurer, fab as I always cook too much. The products are lovely and as you can see I did purchase a few things.
The kilner jars are fab, glass with a ceramic lid. They come in 3 colours blue, pea green and cream. I got one of each of the larger jars and two of each of the smaller jars in the blue. I also got some tea towels ( bit of a thing about nice tea towels at the moment got CK ones this week too!!)

And I got the 4 exclusive recipe cards for the month of June. When I have my party I will get July's automatically as I am a hostess & a nice binder to keep them in. I also got the hessian shopper bag which was on special offer, it's not normally sold as the consultants get their kit in them. Well I you fancy a party check out the Jamie at Home website. I will post again after I have had my party.

Very excited to see all the goodies in the flesh again and get them in my kitchen.

Have a lovely weekend and a fab 4th July xxxxxxxxx


Alison said...

Loving the blog, you seem to fit so much in, its exhausting just reading about it.
Looking forward to the party too, will bring richards wallet!

Florence and Mary said...

The party sounds great fun, sounds a lot like the Pampered Chef parties my friends and I used to have.

I love tea towels to, I don't seem to be able to resist buying them wherever I am.

Victoria xx

Mrs D's Recipes For Life said...

Love the jars! Mine seem really boring now :)

Kelly xx

TCake said...

loving the jamie at home stuff... thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.. hugs Tx