Friday, 24 July 2009

Highs & Lows

It has been a very odd week in the Chez Sophie household, there have been Highs & Lows.
On Tuesday I posted about my Nanna passing away, Low.
My win of Stitchery Pokerys Giveaway, High.
And the start of my Giveaway, High.
On Wednesday I received my Giveaway from Stictcher Pokery, which really cheered me up.

I received some handmade beautiful seaside bunting, a lovely handmade UJ heart, a really pretty handmade heart keyring and a handmade flower broach. I felt truly spoilt and thoroughly cheered up, High.

On Thursday I had a very busy day at work, then Swiss Ball Class, (which I am paying for now !!!) wow my abs are hurting, Low.

Then home to cook tea, 4 massive parcels from Jamie At Home were sat in the hallway and then friends popped over for a drink and catch up, High.

11pm I am sorting through the parcels and packing up the orders ready to take to work on Friday morning, tired Low.
Today up early for work, car full of orders had to put the seats down to fit it all in!!

Long day at work, finished work, dropped off my mother in laws order (not actually mother in law as not married but you get the idea). Coffee and a chat with mother in law & sister in law, then was given some lovely gifts from them for no reason, High.
A Stair Basket - have been looking for one for ages, High.
Lovely, a new casserole dish - fab for crumbles me thinks, High.
And a Jamie At Home Tea Towel from her order, High.

Came home to find a very unhappy Gav!!! Low.
Play Station 3 has died!!! Low.
Has Yellow light of death showing on the front. Low.
Not sure what to say but can liken it to the Lap Top breaking or my Sewing Machine dieing!!
So hopefully we can get that fixed and then he will be happy again.

Gem came round for Chinese Take Away, High.

Dinner eaten time to blog, oh no must put load of washing on so can hang out tomorrow, weatherman says it's going to be sunny!! will believe that when I see it!!

Now Blog................

Thanks for all the messages left on my last post about Nanna, and thanks for entering my Giveaway, and thanks for the new followers, High.
A big thanks to Pomona from Little Cottage Comforts for linking to my post, pop over and visit her here.
Still plenty of time to enter my giveaway, details here.
Well must go to bed have to be up early to go and pick up an old fashioned kitchen dresser type cupboard from my fav CS! (popped in early on Monday to drop off a box for them and saw it, couldn't resist it).
Hopefully going to use it for all my crafting goodies. High.
Well must really go now, bed is calling.
Have a lovely weekend - Sophie xxxxx


Duchess of Tea said...

I came by to wish you a lovely weekend and read about you Nana, I am so sorry for your loss.
Duchess xx

Michela said...

Hi Sophie!
Hope things get better soon for you, you're such a lovely girl!
Have a great weekend!

bubblegarm said...

I love ur blog, it's so cute :) love those goodies! Hopefully u will feel better! Now that you have changed ur comment settings I can comment! X

Pomona said...

Sounds like you have been pretty busy - hope you can have a restful weekend! And I'm glad I can comment now and say thanks for visiting my blog, and mentioning me above!

Pomona x

lou said...

Big hugs too you, I am sorry to read about your Nanna!

Thanks for your lovely comment…love Lou xxx