Sunday, 5 July 2009

Peas Please!!!!

OMG!!! I've just got back from watering the veggie patch and look what I found.

Pea's & French Beans and lots of them, they sure weren't this big yesterday or even there!!

This is my first attempt at growing peas & beans and they are really quite self sufficient vegetables, the hard work is all in the prep with the cane tripods. Luckily Gav made the cane frames for me while I planted the seeds.

I also had to show you one of my sun flowers. Last year we had loads of random plates pop up in the veg patch, we pulled some out as we knew they weren't potatoes (which is what I had planted) but we left 3 to see what they were and up and out came beautiful sun flowers. We pulled them up when they died and thought of them no more. Until they started coming up again this year in the middle of the onions, potatoes and peas!!! I didn't have the heart to pull them out as they do look so beautiful when they come out.

I also wanted to show you my water lily that Gav got me for the pond, unfortunately the flower only blooms for about 3 days and its in the day time so I kept missing it as I was at work, luckily Gav took a photo for me in his lunch hour and it is beautiful.

Have a great week let's hope the sun keeps shining xxxxx


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Isn't it fun to grow your own food. My parent's owned a home and garden shop when I was a kid and we always ate out of the garden. It was the best and now I am spoiled!!

Michela said...

Hi Sophie!
Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm glad you've joined in!
Your sun flower is really gorgeus, mine are not ready yet (neither peas..) it's my turn to join in your lovely blog!
Greetings from Italy!

Sal said...

You obviously have very green fingers!! Thanks for visiting me!

Florence and Mary said...

Oh yummy peas from the garden. When I visit a friends grandparents they always send me home with home grown veggies.

Victoria xx

re said...

You just can't beat home grown peas straight from the pod.

claire said...

Thanks for visiting me.
Going to sit and have a good read of your blog, your photos are fab!

Margie said...

Sophie, your vegetables are impressive, and the sunflowers are fantastic. I love the waterlilies and it is a pity the flowers only last a few days. Hugs, Margie.