Friday, 10 July 2009

Friday Finds

My weekend started on Friday this week, lucky me!
I started with a visit to my fav CS, and picked up some lovelys.
A pretty Royal Worcester shell shaped dish, the name on the bottom is Strawberry Fair what with my recent strawberry addiction I had to have it.
I also found an old Oxo tin, I have been after one of these for ages some sort of childhood memory has made me want one of these.
I also got a lovely glass jug, just right for Pims O'clock!! and as I was paying for my finds I spotted something in the cabinet below. I asked to see it and it was an old ladys tape measure, with an embroidered top. £1.50 bargain of the day.
Next town beckoned with my in laws, we had a lovely lunch in my fav cafe Pestle and Mortar. Then we went shopping!!! I got a lovely new Ironing board for my CK Ironing board cover!! Now Ironing will be so much more fun.

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Mrs D's Recipes For Life said...

Well done on the finds! love the dish!
I don't think even a CK cover would get me interested in ironing!!!!(it might help tho!!)

Kelly x