Saturday, 6 June 2009

Today's Finds

What a miserable day after the last 2 weekends of glorious sunshine.
No fun in the Veggy patch today, although I desperatly need to plant out my tomato plants as they are growing fast in the potting shed, hopefully tomorrow will be better.
So instead of playing in the garden I got engrosed in the Ironing, I've never liked Ironing but since the sun shone and I had to get all my summer clothes out I have had to do it and now I'm finding it quite theraputic.
Well Ironing done , I decided to go and visit my local charity shop, just encase there was something I just had to have and you guessed it there was.
A lovely old one pint glass beer jug, to add to my collection of glass objects.
I always find it best do two sweeps of any charity shop as you never know what you might have missed the first time, and yes second time round I found another glass cake stand £3.50, bargain. Not sure where I'm going to keep it but I'm sure it will have a home soon.

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