Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Car Booty!!!

In a moment of madness Saturday night (after a few glasses of wine) I agreed to get up early on Sunday and go car booting.
Well it was worth it, up and ready for 9am (I know not that early) I was picked up and off we went to the car boot.
Milo the chocolate lab came to for a walk and we set off down the row's & row's of summer sellers.
My finds for the day encluded the following.
Some dinky little kilner jars, 10p each so I had all 4! Great for when I start Jam making.
A little heart shaped cake tin 25p,
A cream milk jug 50p. Total spend at that stall £1.15.
A few rows on I spotted an old cook book amongst a box of books, it's called Cookery Illustrated & Household management, £1 so I had that. I'm always intrigued to see what recipes there are in old cook books. I also found an old fashioned Cadburys tin 50p. Total spend at that stall £1.50.
Second to last row and I happened upon an obviously bored husband with 3 beautiful white painted ornate mirrors, two oval ones and one oblong one. So I asked the question "How much is the large mirror" thinking to myself it will be way out of my budget but worth an ask and guess what £5.00! Well I handed the bored husband a fiver and walked proudly off with my bargain of the day. I'm afraid that it has replaced the round gold mirror which was Gav's Grandma's but that will have a new home somewhere else.
So my new bargain mirror has pride of place in the blue room, above the newly installed fireplace.


Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I don't know what a pound is worth US, but it all sounds cheap to me. Great bargains. i love the new mirror. Thanks for visiting my blog so i could find you. I am a word person so I love the term "Car booty". A happy Monday to you!!!!!!

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Hi Joan a pound is worth about $1.50 at the moment, definatly a bargain in my eyes. Thanks for visiting my blog xx