Saturday, 27 June 2009

The day after the night before!

Well I shall start by saying sorry I haven't posted anything in the last couple of weeks but it has been hectic in the Chez Sophie house hold.
Mum and Dad came to stay, then we had friends fly in from the states, work all week and then the weekend. Finally I have time to post!
Friday night turned in to an impromptu party in the garden, no time to cook so Pizza was delivered and wine was drunk, Lazy I know but some times you just have to give in to the take away!
Sore head in the morning but nothing that a bit of sun shine couldn't sort out.
We decided to go for a drive and see where it took us, we started at the garden centre then decided to go fruit picking at our local Pick Your Own farm, I was reading Pixie Dust's post on The Great Strawberry Project and have been bugging Gav to take me ever since. I haven't been fruit picking since I was a little girl!

The sun was shining and there was a really good choice of fruit and Veg to pick.
We picked Black Currents which were as big as Blue Berry's.
Red Currents which looked like Ruby's glistening in the sun, poking out between the leaves on the bushes.

And lush ripe Strawberry's.

One for me one for the pot, you know how it goes!!

Well now all I need to do is make Jam!!!
Lets see how tomorrow pans out and then maybe I will post about Jam making.
Have a Lovely sunny weekend xx

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