Saturday, 13 June 2009

Down at the Bottom of the Garden

Saturday and the sun is shining!
My veggie match needed sum serious weeding and TLC.
So I spent the day pottering in the garden, and joy of joys some of the veggies were ready for pulling up. New potatoes, lettuces, and a few beetroots.
I'm looking forward to eating them over the weekend.

Gav also pottered in the garden, he had designed a new water feature for the pond and wanted to install it. He decided to take out the waterfall and put in an old tap he had found. It looks great and we have the sound of constant running water, which is really therapeutic & cleans the water in the pond at the same time. The water is pumped up to the tap and then pours out onto a bed of cobbles which has a tank underneath it, then the water goes back into the pond though two pipes and the cycle begins again.

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