Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Inner Sanctum of the Charity Shop....

They Let me in..........

Do you ever wonder what is behind those doors…………
The Charity Shops back room?
Do you ever wish for a peak, to see what treasures you may find?
Well on Saturday, I did my first volunteering session at my local CS.
I asked to volunteer at my local CS as its local & for the local hospice.

So to the inner sanctum…….
I was working in the clothes room; there is also a book section, a brick a brack section & Electrical section.
All out the back!!!
I know!! Soo much to see……..
So what did I do?
Well I had to go through the clothes and decide if they are good enough to sell.
Then decide on a price, we have a pricing guide to help.
Tag & Hang them.
Then I got to use the steamer on them to make them look lovely.
I was amazed at what people send to the CS, I had one box full of brand new clothes still with tags in them.
There were also clothes with stains, holes, bobbles & general tastiness.
Which I have to say really are only fit for the Rag Bag.
It’s a shame but there is a lot of good stuff that comes in to make up for it.
I was working with a Lady called Iris, who was lovely and really showed me the ropes.
The time flew by, and before I know it, it was 5pm.
So I had spied a lovely red handbag & a Weight Watchers Points cook book which needed me to take them home!!!
(Gav is terrified that I'm going to come home with loads of stuff, which I might!!!)
I paid for my bits and booked in to help out next Saturday.
I am really pleased I volunteered, it took me back somewhere.
I have a memory of being in a charity shop with my Mum when I was little.
My Mum volunteered for Save The Children Fund for over 25 years, and we as a family were always by her side.
Maybe she worked in a CS when I was little. I will have to ask her?
So I’m off there next Saturday for my next shift.
I think I might be helping Thelma with the brick a brack this week.
Hope your week is going well.


Florence and Mary said...

Thank you for sharing what goes on behind the closed doors of our charity shops!

Victoria xx

Sal said...

Well done you! I have often wondered what goes on 'out the back' of a charity shop! Hope you enjoy your next shift!

Lisa said...

I nevr leave empty handed after my Wed a.m stint. It's good fun isn't it!
Lisa x

KC'sCourt! said...

I had always wondered what went on in charity shops now I know!

lemonade kitty said...

How interesting to find out what goes on behind the scenes. My friend worked in a charity shop and shes giving me her collection of buttons that she bought I can't wait to see them!! Lucey

Floss said...

Ooh, how exciting! I have a friend called Maïta who is working in a charity shop I like to visit, and I always wonder what she gets to see that I don't! It's great that you're making this committment to such a good charity, too.

Kissed by an Angel said...

How kind you are helping out!!! I guess you will have to be strong or you will have more stuff in your home than the shop!!

A Country Girl said...

What a lovely thing to do!
Charity shop volunteers are usually over 70 around here!

There an award for you on my blog!

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Hi there Sophie
Thanks for your comments, and well done on the voluntary work,(I was looking through the door yesterday, just wishing to be able to go and rummage!)

Kelly said...

OOOOH glad you had fun! Sounds great! Do you get first dibs? ha ha!

Cally's Cottage said...

Well done you!!I have always worried if I helped out it would be impossible to resist all those bargains...
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

LissyLou said...

Thank you Sophie for your wonderful heart package....me and my mum have fallen in love with the travel tissue holders!!!

Thanks for taking part xxxxxxx

Rubyred said...

Well done you for helping out!
Thanks for sharing what goes on!Hope you enjoy your next shift too.
Have a lovely week!
Rachel x

CraftyHelen said...

Good on you for helping out. It is only right that you go home with a little something to reward you for your efforts, and it is of course such a good cause.xx